New Children’s Book Offer Faith-Based Tactics Against Drug Use

By: Lisa Misch Last Updated: October 4, 2012

The-Tricky-Trap-LessonLisa Misch’s “The Tricky Trap Lesson” uses biblical lessons to warn about the cost of drug abuse

Author Lisa Misch is the mother of three children. One is a recovered addict. Motivated by a love for children, Misch has been sharing her unique prevention messages with audiences of all ages. Those speaking engagements inspired her to create her new faith-based children’s book “The Tricky Trap Lesson” (published by CrossBooks).

“The Tricky Trap Lesson” is the story of a young gosling who finds himself in danger after choosing to disobey his parents. When he experiences God’s faithfulness, and his family’s unconditional love and loyalty, he learns a life-changing lesson.

An excerpt from “The Tricky Trap Lesson”:

Grace giggled, “They sound silly.”

Oh, but there not silly at all,” Papa warned. “You’d best listen up. Tricky Traps can fool even the smartest goose. They look wonderful, but once you’re stuck, you’ll start to hurt inside. The pain can spread to your family and even your friends.”

Misch has seen firsthand the need for a book such as hers. “When I tell this story to children as young as 6 and 7, I am always shocked at the number of kids who know exactly what I’m talking about. Drugs are everywhere.”

The worst trap a parent can fall into is thinking “this will never happen to me.” Misch knows because she once believed that. But then it did happen to her. “We all need a plan,” she says.

About the Author
Lisa Misch has two grown sons, and lives in northwest Indiana with her husband and daughter. Her drug prevention stories and person experiences have been well-received in a variety of settings. She continues to follow God’s prompting and share wherever He leads. When not working on her stories or speaking engagements, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as volunteering at her church.

Misch plans to incorporate Grace and Grayson into a series of G&G Detective stories.