Students’ Work on Display at VHS Art Show

By: Caroline Albers Last Updated: April 13, 2013

Overnight, the mundane upper level of the Valparaiso High School gym transformed into a colorful array of miniature galleries displaying the stunning work of VHS Honors Art students. The 22nd annual show lived up to Valpo’s tradition of artistic excellence.

“I love the art show,” VHS sophomore Luma Khabbaz said. “It always strikes me as so incredible that those students have the dedication to put so much time and effort into creating almost their own little world. Each booth is so personalized, you feel like you're walking into separate universes.”

Innovative and daring artwork characterized this year’s show. Photography, oils, acrylics, sculpture and even fashion design were all on display.

“I think it gives Valpo a creative edge,” said Khabbaz.

The honors art program at VHS gives students the opportunity to explore their own creative talents in an encouraging, challenging environment.

“A lot of schools don't have as great as art programs as we do, and even if they do they don't really get to a special art show dedicated to them,” senior art student Tucker Jaroll said. “Taking AP and IB I have definitely became a much better artist and more knowledgeable in the history and many mediums of art. Without it I would definitely not be where I am today when it comes to my skills in art.”

The art students also form a very tight-knit community. They support each other, give constructive criticism, and learn from one another.

“Being in the honors art program has allowed me to become close to dozens of people that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise,” said VHS senior and honors art student McCaul Sawina. “For the most part, our only commonality is art, but bonding over that over the past year has made us a very tight knit group. It's a constant reminder for me that focusing on what you have in common with someone, as opposed to your identifying your differences, can really change you for the better.”

The honors art show is a time-honored tradition at VHS. Each year, students, their friends, families, teachers and the public form a large turnout for an evening of appreciation for the artistic talents of Valpo’s youth.

“The VHS art show this year was everything I expected: creative, interesting, and completely accessible to the public,” said senior Carmen Henderson.

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