Please Hire a Youth This Summer!

By: Contributor Last Updated: June 17, 2013

state-flag-indianaWhen you are young, the first job prompts excitement, purpose, and the confidence to achieve. Do you remember your first job and what you learned from it? Thank goodness for that someone who took a chance and believed in you enough to say "you're hired." Today, with unemployment loom-ing, young people are finding it more difficult than ever to capture that summer job. According to the Department of Labor, last year only 45% of youth between the ages of 16-24 were employed by the end of August.

The Northwest Indiana Workforce Board (NWIWB) Youth Employment Council is once again support-ing Summer Jobs NW!. Our goal is to help create pathways to employment and self-sufficiency for our young people which contributes to building a stronger, smarter, work-ready workforce and com-munity. Attached you will find information on summer job ideas for youth and information on how you can be recognized as a Summer Jobs NW! employer.

The Council is asking you to hire a young person this summer, whether it's bussing tables, answering phones, or cleaning and landscaping! Our region's young people need jobs this summer and by hiring one of them you will be teaching them the skills that will help them for the future—especially the soft skills that many employers say job applicants are lacking.

Please hire a youth this summer!

Summer Job Ideas for Young People

Our youth are struggling to get summer work experience so that they are able to develop the skills they need to pursue their goals; dreams, and long term economic opportunities.

Keith Kirkpatrick KPM Group, Inc. Chair-NWIWB Youth Employment Council

What projects are on hold? What have you put off getting done? How could one of your employees be helped by a few hours of assistance?

Data entry Set up and monitor social network sites Washing vehicles Clean up and organize storage areas Hand deliver marketing materials Call customers with survey questions Dog walking and pet grooming Window washing Move furniture Stuffing envelopes and mailings Repackaging Disassembling Lifeguarding Concessions Greet customers Recycle Childcare

If you need to hire and don't know where to look, contact your local Boys & Girls Club, high school, youth agencies, and churches Be sure to visit to learn about jobs that are prohibited for mi-nors. E.g., 14 and 15 year olds are prohibited from operating most power-driven machinery, Including mowers. Tractors, or weed cutters, in conjunction with any business.