Downtown Walks Chalked to Benefit Family & Youth Services Bureau

By: Barbara Jo Adkins Last Updated: June 22, 2013

Chalk the Walk, a Family & Youth Services Event, went off with out a hitch despite the threat of rain all day. Artists came ready with ideas in mind for their 3 foot by 3 foot space to beautifully adorn the sidewalks along the downtown square of the Porter County Courthouse. There was even a section set aside for families that came to view all the artwork so that their little artists could draw with chalk too.

Ruth Nicholson was one of the first artists to sign in and get started. Nicholson is a Portage High School student, currently a sophomore. She was inspired to join the artists at Chalk the Walk by her art teacher Kara Rupcich.

Nicholson said, “I really like art so my teacher suggested that me and my friends Emily and Halie do it because she thinks we are good in art, so we decided we are going to do this together.”

Drawing the Family & Youth Services logo was Krista Cook, a local artist with I Spy Design.

Cook said, “I heard about this event through a friend and so I reached out to volunteer to be an artist. I am excited to work with my hands and see all the kids. This is a great way to get people outside and working together.”

Lisa Jordan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Family & Youth Services Bureau said, “We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout of participants and artists. This is a wonderful event because the proceeds will help fund programs that we provide free and at a reduced rate to those in Porter County that couldn’t otherwise afford them.”

The sidewalks were littered with talented artists bringing their concepts to life. Some spent hours finalizing all the finishing touches to make their drawings perfect.

Another from Portage High School was junior Alejandra Casillas. She titled her work “Inspiration.”

Casillas said, “My teacher (Kara Rupcich) said I would be good at this so I thought it sounded interesting. I had fun. This is called ‘Inspiration’ because music inspires you so I put in the musical notes and there are flowers growing towards the sun and I used lots of bright colors.”

Ideas In Motion Media partnered with Family & Youth Services Bureau as a sponsor, with artists of their own decorating the sidewalk. Vicki Schmidt, Sales Team Member at Ideas In Motion Media, was one of those artists.

It is great to have the opportunity to do art out in the open with other artists. I worked with Shawn Barnes and Marin Hillbrich. It was also great having people in the community doing a walk through while the art was unfolding. That just added to the excitement of doing the art and what an excellent way to help raise money with proceeds from this event going to a great organization that does so much for our community,” said Schmidt.

Head downtown to the Courthouse Square to view all the beautiful designs. The artwork should be there for days even if it rains.

Jackie Gray, Director of Development and Community Relations at Family & Youth Services Bureau said, “Because of the intensity of the colors and the layers and blending of the chalk, the designs will be able to be viewed for days; some of the artwork will even be able to be seen after a rain.”

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