The Barbauld Agency Wins American Graphic Design Award 2013

By: Contributor Last Updated: November 20, 2013

Barbauld-AgencyThe Barbauld Agency one of the top, full service marketing and advertising agencies in the Midwest is at it again winning another award this year, this time from American Graphic Design.

“Nothing pleases us more at The Barbauld Agency than to make our clients’ passion known.” Says Chris Barbauld, President of The Barbauld Agency.

The agency was awarded for their billboard designed for their client Heinold & Feller Tire & Lawn Equipment. The billboard featured a picture of a bald man with text stating “Curing baldness since 1958, sorry fella…not yours.” The piece was used to demonstrate that Heinold & Feller Tire & Lawn Equipment has been curing tire problems “baldness” being one of them since 1958. “Sorry fella not yours” was used as a piece of humor to gain consumers attention.

Since 2009, The Barbauld Agency has dared to be different! The mission of The Barbauld Agency is to be unique and set the standard that other organizations will want to follow. The American Graphic Design award honors outstanding new work of all kinds: print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and motion graphics. The competition is open to everyone in the community: advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporate, institutional and publishing in-house departments, and more. In receipt of this award, The Barbauld Agency proves once again that they Make Your Passion Known.