Hardest Hit Program Saves the Day

By: Housing Opportunities, Inc. Last Updated: May 27, 2014

HomeownershipIt started out like any other day for our foreclosure counselor, Debbie Kardos. She came into the office ready to work hard for the families she was already assigned to, helping them stop the foreclosure process and ultimately being able to stay in their home.

She was also anxious to see how many new referrals she had, knowing she would dig in and get started right away with their process. But this day in April was not like ant other day for her! A family that Debbie had been working with was down to the wire, as a matter of fact, it was literally the day their home was set to be auctioned at a Sherrif's Sale.

Their home was packed, their hopes were low, their hearts were heavy, this was an end to their family home where memories were made. What would their future look like and where would they go? How would they recover from a foreclosure on their credit report? Despite the bleak situation, Debbie never gave up hope and never stopped working on their file.

On this day she received the news that her hard work paid off and this family was accepted into the Hardest Hit Program. What started out as a very sad day turned into a day filled with tears of joy. When staff asked Debbie how she was feeling about the roller coaster of a day she said it was such a feeling of personal fulfillment words could not explain. Housing Opportunities has four full-time foreclosure counselors who help save homes every day, but it is very rare that it happens within hours of the home being sould, which made this day so extraordinary. Bonnie Kennedy, Foreclosure Coordinator at HO, stated "Our counselors put more than hours of hard work into their job - they put their heart and soul into it!"

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