EZCORP Foundation Provides Support to Transform Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Portage Unit’s Teen Room into a Newly Renovated Teen Center

By: Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County Last Updated: November 10, 2014

EZCORP-Foundation-Provides-Support-to-Transform-Boys-and-Girls-Clubs-of-Porter-CountyOut-of-school time for children, especially teens, is ripe with positive opportunities. It also is a time of great need. In fact, the most dangerous time for children is between the hours of 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. According to a study by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, youth under the age of 18 are most at risk to either commit or be a victim of violent crime because they lack adult supervision after school. This is why Boys & Girls Clubs are needed!

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County’s goal is to create a setting and/or options that are attractive to teens and help sustain their participation in our Portage Unit in ways that promote their healthy development in a safe and fun environment.

Recently, EZCORP Foundation demonstrated their support of teens by providing Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Portage Unit with a $2,500 grant. The Portage Unit is working to renovate existing Club space for a much needed Teen Center for Club members’ ages 13-18 years. The Club’s existing teen space is 630 square feet and most of the décor is suited toward younger children. The Club’s project goal is to increase the square footage available for teens from 630 to almost 800 square feet. Teen Club members have been a large part of planning this project serving as the decision makers for the new Center’s paint scheme, furnishings, and technology – making it truly their own!

EZCORP Foundation joins Porter County Community Foundation Women’s Fund, Joanne Urschel, and Texas Roadhouse who also have designated support for the Portage Unit’s new Teen Center. “Our Club teens are super excited about newly renovated space within their Boys & Girls Club,” states Steve Letic, unit director. “Our teens are a large part of the new Teen Center design working hard to make their space relevant to their needs today – and to help them become successful adults. I am overwhelmed by the support this concept is receiving and hope to have a new Teen Center for our members soon. EZCORP Foundation’s support truly demonstrates their caring attitude toward the youth of our communities and for this, I am very thankful!”

Hannah Nokes, Director of Community Affairs for EZCORP said, “We are pleased to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County to make a difference in the lives of kids. One of our core values is ‘leadership is service.’ Boys & Girls Clubs serve our most important asset -- our kids-- with a safe, welcoming place to go after school. We are proud to support 15 Clubs in the US and Canada.”