NITCO Uses Expertise and Excellent Customer Service to Accommodate Rural Customers

By: Kyle Hovanec Last Updated: June 30, 2015

For those living in a rural area, getting an internet connection may seem like a monumental task. Being far away from city hubs means looking for service that allows users to have the fast, high-speed services and quality expertise required to make those networks run.

For those living in Northwest Indiana, NITCO is here to provide that service.

“For customers living in a rural area and wanting a way to have the same kind of high-speed internet as those who live in the city, NITCO is the best choice for those needs,” says NITCO Senior Vice President Tom Carroll.

Carroll credits NITCO’s excellent staff of professionals who are not only knowledgeable of rural areas but are also familiar with the many technical specifics related to rural area internet access.

“Simply put, we have excellent customer service, the best I’ve seen in 35 years of working in this kind of industry,” says Carroll. “We’ve had customers call into our office to thank us for having excellent technicians and staff who not only were knowledgeable, but incredibly kind and caring to the customers, I mean how often does that happen?”

NITCO is also staffed and experienced in dealing with different kinds of rural areas. While some would think of rural areas as being spread out and sparsely populated, this is not always the case. Sometimes larger population centers and towns exist in rural areas and like individual customers, require specific services to accommodate them.

“Some small towns in rural areas stay small, they have specific needs that are different from a larger city and we’re perfectly able to help them out,” says Carroll. “Other times these smaller towns are looking to grow, they’re looking to change in order to update and become more modern, again we are ready to help with towns and plan high-quality services around their growing infrastructure.”

Carroll and NITCO recognize the importance of creating dependable service for rural customers. City centers and towns have the advantage through infrastructure and the ease of access. Rural areas often do not have this advantage and this needs to be taken into consideration when planning and providing service.

“Rural customers don’t often have the same choices, the options that other customers have,” said Carroll. “We understand this and that is what we are dedicated to do, deliver the best service. If there are no other options, we will work hard to be your best option.”