Culver’s of Schererville is Doing Some Good for Our Four-Legged Friends at the HSCA This Month

By: Steven Neville Last Updated: July 11, 2015

 Hundreds of cartoon cats and dogs with the names of some generous folks around Northwest Indiana line the walls of Culver’s of Schererville; tokens of all the good and the dollars raised for its Charity of the Month: Humane Society of Calumet Area.

And this Saturday was no different, only this time there was a real-life reminder of why it’s important to give back to our local shelters: an eight-year-old, beautiful cat who is looking for her forever home.

“This kitty here is Myshka,” Mary Spear, Intake Coordinator at HSCA told me. “She’s out here trying to get adopted today. She came to us in January when her owner passed away; she’s very sweet and very gentle and I hope we can find her a home.”

This was Myshka and the HSCA’s first time out at Culver’s and Spear was hopeful that this would be Myshka’s last as a member of the HSCA family.

“We’ve talked to a lot of people,” Spear said. “I think she will find a home today.”

Frank Mosca, Manager of Culver’s of Schererville was equally as hopeful and just as excited about the mission of Culver’s to help the HSCA.

“I’m a huge animal lover,” Mosca told me. “We’re happy to help as much as we can in trying to find as many homes for the animals as we can.”

And judging from all the cartoons along the walls on the inside of the restaurant, it appears that Culver’s has already done a lot to help the HSCA.

“We have raised over several hundred dollars already, in just a few days,” Mosca added. “And we will continue to be taking donations all month, the people here have been great!”

In the future, the HSCA plans to come out with more animals needing forever homes and Culver’s will be there, happy to help.

“We’re all cheesy animal lovers here at Culver’s,” Mosca said.

If you want to adopt Myshka or any other of the great four-legged friends at the HSCA, feel free to visit their website and browse around for your next best friend.