Lakeside Wealth Management Hosts Breakfast Event for Local Non-Profits

Dan Petreikis
By: Dan Petreikis Last Updated: February 6, 2016

Lakeside Wealth Management, a wealth management and consulting firm based in Chesterton, Indiana, recently held a community breakfast meeting, bringing together several of the areas non-profit organizations to share breakfast, introductions and ideas.

Attending the event were representatives from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County, the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, The United Way of Porter County, Frontline Foundations Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Duneland YMCA, Porter Starke Services, Rebuilding Together Duneland, Valparaiso Parks Foundation, Housing Opportunities, Porter County Community Foundation, and Duneland Education Foundation.

Several dozen people filled the Lakeside Café, enjoying coffee, orange juice, muffins, etc. before the event kicked off with a welcome from Lakeside President Tim Rice.

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“This is our first non-profit, community breakfast,” said Rice. “We wanted to invite non-profits that we have close relationships with to breakfast here, to talk a little bit about what our plans are for 2016, and some things that we’re going to be doing to support them in the coming year.”

Rice pointed out his company’s Vision Statement, outlined on the whiteboard behind him, and specifically mentioned the second statement:

We will make game-changing contributions to the communities in which we live through our time, talents and treasures.

Rice then went on to explain what that meant to the company, highlighting some of the ways Lakeside Wealth Management adheres to that mission statement, through employee benefits, community involvement and financial contributions to benefit non-profits in the community.

Caroline Shook, CEO of Housing Opportunities says that Lakeside is very community-minded, very supportive of non-profits.

“I feel that Lakeside is truly cutting-edge, as far as how they interact with not-for-profits like ours,” said Shook.

Barb Young, president of Porter County Community Foundation couldn’t agree more.

“Lakeside has been a great supporter… great supporter of ours over the years,” said Young.

Mackenna Schon and Kim Olesker of United Way of Porter County went even further, saying that Lakeside has been very involved, and has often taken on a hands-on approach to helping them help the community.

“They help us do email campaigns. They personally do in-house fund-raising campaigns, and have even helped us to collect stuffed animals to help us in our campaign to support literacy,” said Schon.

Olesker added, “For 2017, they have agreed to be our campaign chairs, so they’re going to be helping out even more then, managing our whole campaign at that time, with the help of our staff and our volunteers.”

Lakeside CEO, Mark Chamberlain closed out the event saying, “The question is: how do we sustain inspiration? How do we sustain our business? How do we sustain our community? These are the things which we discuss during our board meetings - sustainability. We have a terrific thing going on here in Porter County, and I really want to see it continue to grow.”