Local Students Helping Family-Owned Company Roll

By: Julia Rhode Last Updated: July 21, 2016

For Northwest Indiana residents, the Dunes offer an escape from daily life. After a long day at work, Valparaiso natives can be at the beach in 25 minutes and enjoy dinner and the sunset. For a weekend escape, La Porte dwellers only have to drive 40 minutes for great hiking trails, swimming, and wildlife. But where do the people of the region go when they want to bike the lakefront?

Pedal Power Rentals opened on July 15th next to the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center at 1215 IN-49 Porter, IN 46304. With a variety of bike options and an hourly rate, Pedal Power Rentals is great for kids and adults alike.

The groovy logo is not the only thing that makes Pedal Power Rentals stand out, however. The startup of the business was a collaborative effort made by a local family.

Mark Lecy (father) said, “The new bike trail connecting Indiana Dunes Visitor Center and State Park Beach inspired us to start up the business. We wanted to promote our area and the variety of outdoor locations, events, and local businesses you can safely access via bike.”

With the help of local marketing and communications business Smith Donovan, Pedal Power was able to create an easy-to-read map, wrap their trailer with a bright logo, and get the word out about their business through social media.

Mark said, “I’ve always been interested in a seasonal business that younger employees could help start up and run.”

Mark’s daughter junior Julia Lecy has also taken a large role in the start-up. In charge of employee management and scheduling, Julia put together a team of Chesterton High School students to get the business rolling...literally.

Chesterton students Evan Little, Mckenzie Scott, and Matt Jewison have all assisted in setting up the location, participating in photo shoots, and planning the future of Pedal Power.

Little said, “I like meeting all of the visitors from out of town and getting to see how much they enjoy the area that we live in. Pedal Power provides a great personalized experience to let people see the beauty of the Dunes.”

The startup and running of the business has been a true family affair. Mark’s wife Deanna brought her sales and marketing expertise to the table. 12-year-old Kristofer Lecy has also gotten himself involved, despite his age limitations. Sporting his tie-dye Pedal Power shirt, he assists in test-riding the bikes and he has recently learned to change a bike tire.

“The best part about being involved with Pedal Power is helping the community and its members, getting to experience what running a business is like, and having an awesome working experience with my friends and family,” said Julia.

“We hope that the fact that Pedal Power is a family-owned and operated business will attract other families to come enjoy the place that we have enjoyed ourselves for 19 years.”

Pedal-Power2Congressmen Pete Visclosky has even taken a ride on a Pedal Power bike. The Indiana representative stopped by the grand opening of the new bike trail and was able to ride in style in his suit and tie.

If you are interested in renting from Pedal Power, stop by their truck Thursday through Monday from 9:00 am- 7:00 pm. To learn more, find Pedal Power Rentals on Facebook and twitter or check out their website.