#1StudentNWI: Honor and Accomplishments for Kouts High School Students and Teachers

By: Nicole Fackelman Last Updated: July 25, 2016

Another year has come and so soon flew by in the blink of an eye as the seniors of Kouts High School cross from childhood into adulthood. Another year filled with laughs, piles of homework, vocational, college visits, and finally the tears. Just one more year to decide where they’re going, who they want to be, and the path they wish to follow.

Graduation took place on the summer evening of June 10th. With jitters, nerves, and sadness, the seniors gathered in the halls one last time. The Class of 2016 remembers their years here in Kouts with the colors of burgundy and silver and the flower of Camellia. With the class motto, “The question is not always where we stand, but in which direction we are going,” this class of seniors takes a moment to cherish where they started and where they are now. We are led into this remembrance of the moments by Valedictorian, Doug Satoski, who guided the graduating seniors, fellow peers, and families through the twelve years of hijinx, manly beards, and eternal bonds tied to a tiny school. He reminded the seniors then and the seniors to come that although we may be eager to run into the future, a piece of ourselves will always be bound to the place that made us who we are when we stand on that stage and who we will be crossing into new beginnings.

Quick shout-out to all seniors going into the miliary, Tyler Aiken (Marines), Weston Norman (National Guard), and Josh Osterhout (Marines). We wish you a safe journey. Congrats Class of 2016! You made it!

Kouts-1-Student-July-2016_02aSenior Awards Night
On June 2nd, the class of 2016 seniors and their families gathered in the Kouts auditorium to watch and support as their seniors and friends received awards and scholarships.

Some of these awards included the the David Michael Asbury Memorial Scholarship received by Karl Wehner, the KHS Alumni Scholarship received by Cassidy Brunicon, the James A. Whitmore Memorial Scholarship received by Alexis Neary, the Jay and Pat Bechtel Scholarship received by Chase Farmer, the Louis and Ruth Dahl Memorial Scholarship received by Kasey Cavinder, the Rover M. Good Memorial received by Kyley Pittman, the Karen Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship received by Randal Deemer-Morgan, the Edwin C. Hill Memorial Scholarship received by Sarah Cieslak, the Fontana Jarnecke Family Scholarship received by Mackenna Evans, the Floyd and Velda Johnson Memorial Scholarship received by Kaylee Heimberg, the James and Joan Kosanke Memorial Scholarship received by Alexis Neary, the Anne Drazer Memorial Scholarship received by Tiffany Tratar, the Donna Heinold Hall Memorial Scholarship received by Kailee Saulsgiver, the Aaron and Grace Heinold Memorial Scholarship received by Emma Leatherman, the Kouts Elementary Faculty and Staff Scholarship received by Candice DeMarco, the Wendy Sue Wagner Scholarship received by Madison Clinton, and the Melvin Jay Heinold Memorial Scholarship received by Grant Hamstra.

After the ceremony, the seniors and families enjoyed cake and punch put together and run by the school board and Honor Society members. Special thanks to Leanna Palmer and Lisa DeFries who set up and ran the whole shebang. Congrats to all the other seniors who received scholarships and awards that night!

Kouts-1-Student-July-2016_03Wall of Fame Shout-out
During graduation, a woman by the name of Angela Salyer was invited to take the floor to be proudly inducted into the Kouts Wall of Fame. Angela was a spunky 1997 graduate of Kouts High School who went on to attend the American Academy of Art in Chicago. From there, she earned her degree in Advertising Design where she eventually picked up a job working in the ad-agency business, developing ad campaigns. Here, she also had the opportunity to pack for well-known household brands.

This experience led her to have another wonderful, and if I say so myself, life-changing, opportunity. She was able to live in Frankfurt, Germany, Prague, and the Czech Republic. During her stay, Angela worked as a senior art director. After three amazing years, Angela then traveled to Ethiopia, Africa where she volunteered in a program for underprivileged children. This program was called “Kids with Cameras”. There, Angela taught what she loved, photography, and English to children in Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city in Ethiopia. The population is about 3.4 million.

Currently, Angela works as the Senior Creative Director at Newell Rubbermaid. Her traveling has yet to stop, however. She still resides in Chicago, but Angela’s love for photography and travel has her all over. Not only does it stem to the reaches of Africa, but also to 42 other countries- and counting. We are proud to induct Angela into the Kouts Hall of Fame because she is someone who deserves to be recognized for her amazing accomplishments, her unconditional giving, and her love for photography.

Kouts-1-Student-July-2016_04Off to Nationals
Sydnee Hill is a hard-working junior this year who is in love with sports, especially track. Her love for track began early on in the sixth grade, when she learned to work hard, improve her times, and leap over obstacles. Literally. (She’s in long jump).

By eighth grade, Sydnee began participating in a travel team! With sweat, determination, dedication, and a busy schedule, this student eventually became the spectacular athlete that she was this past year, all while juggling school, practice, and other extracurriculars. In fact, this last year, Sydnee was a sophomore who not only broke a school record (she jumped 16’11-¾ feet- a record held since 1985), but someone who also qualified for Nationals...again. Sydnee will be going to Nationals in lovely Sacramento this year!

When asked what her proudest moment of her season this past year was, the student replied, “I am proud of qualifying, but my proudest accomplishment this season for school was breaking the school long jump record and qualifying for regionals in 2 events.”

I went on to ask Sydnee what advice she’d give for athletes following in her footsteps in track. Sydnee then said, “My best piece of advice would be to never be opposed to trying something new. For example, I never imagined throwing hammer but this will be my 2nd year competing in Nationals for it.”

Congratulations, Sydnee! You really are an amazing competitor! We wish Sydnee Hill good luck in Nationals and good luck in her career in track as she goes forward!