Lakeside Wealth Management Sees Amazing Work of Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehab Firsthand

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: November 28, 2016

Recently, Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation hosted members of the team from Chesterton-based Lakeside Wealth Management for a tour of their facility and some insight into what the local not-for-profit is doing to help kids across the region with special developmental and physical needs.

“As a well-known philanthropic company in the same community as Jacob’s Ladder, I’ve been working to educate Lakeside Wealth a little more on who we are, what we do and how it supports our community as a whole,” said Candace Arvin, Director of Marketing and Development for Jacob’s Ladder.”

Working with community-minded businesses and organizations throughout the region has played a big part in the success that Jacob’s Ladder has achieved.

“As a nonprofit, we greatly rely on the time, talent and treasure of not only our donors and volunteers but also on those community leaders and businesses alike whose philanthropic values align with ours,” added Arvin. “Having companies and individuals like Lakeside Wealth and their staff come out to tour the facility is just one of the many ways we are able to demonstrate our impact and engage people in our mission of Giving Hope to Families of Special Children.”

“It’s one thing to hear about the ways we serve special needs children and those born with developmental delays, but it’s a whole other world to actually see our facility, the equipment we use to implement “play-based” therapy and our staff in action with the children. Together, we can do so much more to support these children and their families within our community.”

Jenn Brown, Corporate Communications Manager at Lakeside Wealth, was inspired to get involved and coordinate a tour of Jacob’s Ladder after seeing Arvin give a presentation at a local Rotary Club meeting. Both Brown and Arvin are Rotarians.

“Members of the Lakeside Wealth team were treated with an amazing opportunity to tour Jacob’s Ladder’s new home in Chesterton,” Brown said. “She (Arvin) gave a presentation to our club about all the new things the organization has started and the new facility they opened in Chesterton. After the presentation I asked if we could arrange a tour.”

Learning about, and getting involved to help organizations making a big difference in the community and surrounding areas is a big part what makes Lakeside Wealth a nationally recognized, community outreach-minded company.

“The mission of Jacob’s Ladder hits home with several of us at Lakeside,” continued Brown. “If we each learn something about Jacob’s Ladder that can be passed onto someone looking for help with their special needs child, then we’re all making a positive impact.”

For Lakeside Wealth Executive Assistant, Beth Johnson, the visit to Jacob’s Ladder held special significance and ultimately led to Johnson signing her son, Andrew, who has autism, up to work with the phenomenal team at Jacob’s Ladder.

“I was so impressed with the staff at Jacob’s Ladder and with their unique facility,” said Johnson. “After the tour, I was so touched, I called Jacob’s Ladder to get an appointment for Andrew. They were able to get me in within a couple of weeks for a speech eval and OT eval. As soon as we came for the eval, we were taken care of. The staff was kind and friendly and very welcoming to my daughter, who was with us. After they spent about 45 minutes with Andrew, we were invited back and asked about our goals and concerns.”

“Andrew was engaged, which is sometimes hard for him, and LOVED the facility,” added Johnson. “During Andrew’s OT eval, I was invited back to participate in the process which I loved. The way he was treated by the therapist and student-in-training that worked with him warmed my heart. Andrew never stopped smiling during the whole process! He will be receiving OT every other week and after seeing the therapists firsthand, I could not be more pleased with their services. I love how they took our concerns into consideration and that we get a say in what Andrew will be focusing on. The whole experience was positive and I am so excited to see how Andrew progresses at Jacob’s Ladder.” To help Jacob’s Ladder continue the great work that they’re doing with children across Northwest Indiana, click here to donate!