THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE: Real Results from Real Participants

By: Contributor Last Updated: December 12, 2016

THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE (the PFLC) is a fun, unique and challenging 12 week, high accountability program designed to support, teach, lead and guide those who are serious about shedding their unwanted body fat. Most people find it fun being part of a team of motivated people all working towards the same goal.

This program has been successful for people who have weighed close to 500lbs as well as individuals who didn’t even want to shed fat, but rather to build muscle so they could compete in light weight division body building competitions. Everyone, from teenagers to seniors and men and women, has had success with the PFLC!

Melissa F. - “I've been doing The Pure Fat Loss Challenge and I have to say this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I've lost over 20 pounds and 13.5 inches overall. I'm not only happy with my weight loss but also with everything I've learned through this program: How to eat healthy and workout the right way. All the emotional support and inspiring words and posts really helped keep me going. I would highly recommend this program to everyone.”

Troy M. - “When I joined The Pure Fat Loss Challenge, I was 203 lbs and after 12 weeks I am 181 lbs. Justin Savich started this program which is designed to lose fat and maintain or build muscle. It worked better than I could have imagined.”

Jeannie N. - “I have gotten a lot of compliments on how I am looking these days so I thought I would share what I have been doing. I joined The Pure Fat Loss Challenge on January 1st and the program officially ended on March 31st however I will continue to follow many of the principles for the rest of my life. Not only has it taught me some fitness and nutrition information but it has also allowed me to learn A LOT about myself and why I do what I do. The support and encouragement in the program has been unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I have gained some great new friendships along the way.”

Todd O. - “I completed a 12 week program called The Pure Fat Loss Challenge. In it I learned how to eat healthier, something I never been very good at. I also learned the importance of exercise and regularly feeding my body to keep my metabolism in great running order. The best part of this program was doing it with over 80 other people. All of us on a private Facebook site allowed us to encourage each other. This helped greatly during those times when grabbing a bag of chips sounded like the right thing to do.”

PFLC-Real-Results-03Cathy S. - “I have to let everyone know the amazing things that have been happening to me since the 1st of January. I give the credit to Justin Savich for creating The Pure Fat Loss Challenge. He has taught me so much about my health, mind and body with his program. I have learned how to eat clean and healthy. With that alone, I have been in the best and longest remission I have seen since I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Thank You Justin!!!!”

Jeff S. - “My wife Dana and I started a "weight loss" program about 12 weeks ago. In that time, I lost 37 lbs, she lost 21. In the beginning it was really just a diet plan, however that quickly changed. We started to make unconscious decisions to eat healthier, and we thank our friend Justin Savich for this. He started a program called The Pure Fat Loss Challenge, and that's just what it is. You work to lose fat, not just “weight.””

Shane S. - “Justin is a dedicated and insightful life-coach, trainer and professional development guru. He is committed to the good health of those who are willing to dig deep and pour their lives into discovering a new reality where self-confidence and good personal health is the goal. I am proud of this man and the extraordinary program he has put together that helps people lose weight and find good personal and spiritual health. Within the first several weeks of this program I dropped 15 pounds. My wife, Anne, also took this challenge and has had phenomenal results (not that she needed it!) She would be the first to tell you her clothes are fitting better. She is more toned and fit as a result of this challenge.”

Gina V. - “For the past 12 weeks I have been a part of The Pure Fat Loss Challenge. What an experience it has been! Losing some pesky pounds and feeling great are only part of it. Together we grew so much with Justin's trainer's knowledge and unrivaled positive attitude.”

Tina W. - “Three months ago, I was challenged by a friend to take part in The Pure Fat Loss Challenge. I was somewhat skeptical at first figuring that it would be just one more “fad”. Well, I (as well as many others locally and some that were spread all over the country) took the challenge and let me tell you……there is nothing about this that could be considered a fad! I have tried a multitude of things to take off the weight I had put on over the years (especially after I had gotten sick and had to take steroids for a long time).

PFLC-Real-Results-01This program is all about healthy living in basically every aspect of your life. I have learned so much over the last few months about food, exercise, how my body actually processes everything I eat and about myself. Before starting this I thought I was eating “relatively” healthy. I found out rather quickly that I was not even in the ballpark of healthy. Although I have not yet met my final goal, now being better equipped with the right knowledge, I will not only meet that goal, I will always enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle long after that goal has been met! Justin’s dedication and passion for helping others become healthy truly can’t be described in words. His knowledge, guidance, teaching and encouragement are amazing!”

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