If You Need More Than Just Toilet Repair, Hines Plumbers are There with Care

By: Hines Plumbing Last Updated: March 15, 2017

When life has you down in the dumps, don’t flush it all away — just smile and think of Hines Plumbing who will be there to save the day!

Hines Plumbing Inc. is the Valparaiso-based plumbing service who have made a reputation for themselves in being prompt, clean, and thoughtful – all great qualities of a good plumber.

Yet, these guys are more than just toilet fixer-uppers: they are the guys to call when repairs are needed, when the remodel has been long overdue, and when the emergency includes you becoming way too friendly with the plunger.

Hines has the expertise and the experience to handle any bathroom issues that come up, including work on the drains, pumps, and with the main water and drain lines.

But outside the bowl, Hines crew members install and repair water heaters, boilers, and gas lines. They can help spot and prevent problems before they occur by using drain line video inspection, backflow protector testing, predated pipe updates, and lead service line replacement. They are also experts in installing bathroom appliances and fixtures and are not afraid of the big, unpleasant jobs, guaranteeing that once they are done, everything is code compliant.

Hines Plumbers are bathroom designers. They have the keen eye on which flooring will match the new clawfoot tub. Trust them when they say that modern, sleek basin sink will sparkle next to the porcelain toilet. The walk-in shower is perfect for quick hose-offs and will help prevent any slips and falls.

These professionals will personally install every remodeled amenity, without the use of a subcontractor. Their speedy, detailed work will leave you shocked as your once grimy, 1950’s pink painted tile is replaced with the luxurious look of a modern bathroom.

Listen to your plumber. He knows all the jokes, all the names, all the tricks to the game. These guys have your “be-Hines” in mind, to make sure when it comes to plumbing “urine” no trouble.

Contact Hines Plumbing by calling 219-464-8938. They offer free estimates if you live in Valparaiso. Check their website and Facebook page for more information.