Correa Honored by Hispanic Business Community for Career Achievements

By: Community Healthcare System Last Updated: May 16, 2017

St. Catherine Hospital CEO Leo Correa has received top honors from the Southlake Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for lifelong leadership and a distinguished career.

Correa was presented with the award during an appearance to deliver a keynote address for the business group’s Cinco de Mayo celebration at Dynasty Banquets.

Southlake Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Events Chair Mercedes Burgos called Correa an inspiration and a model business leader for many.

Burgos said Correa has made many inroads to expanding the healthcare reach within the Latino community as a top executive for medical academic institutions in Chicago.

"Now he is the newly appointed CEO of St. Catherine Hospital,” she said. “He is from the south side of Chicago, born and raised -- a true product of our own backyard."

Correa thanked the business community for the distinction saying that he has had the privilege of working alongside some of the best and brightest medical professionals across many disciplines in the industry.

“It’s a direct tribute to work that I, along with many others have done in the healthcare field,” Correa said. “It’s an indication of the passion that drives many of us in healthcare to strive and provide the very best care to the community.”

“This award will continue to inspire and drive me as a leader in healthcare, so we can push for the very best care delivery model for St. Catherine Hospital and Community Healthcare System,” Correa said.

Correa, 44, of Dyer, took on the top executive role at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago in February.

"I have been overwhelmed and honored by the reception and positive interactions within the hospital and leaders in our communities," Correa said.

He credited the strong family values and work ethic his parents imparted on him as a youth. His father worked for Union Tank Car for 33 years as a welder; his mother as a line worker for Nabisco.

“They stressed the importance of education,” Correa said.

Before Correa began the newest chapter of his career with St. Catherine Hospital, he had 20 years of extensive healthcare experience at several university medical centers, most recently serving as Associate Vice President of Clinical Affairs in Cancer Service at Rush University Medical Center.

Correa has also held leadership positions in operations and strategic planning, as well as financial research and human resources management at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Rush.

Nearly 100 days at St. Catherine Hospital, Correa said he is meeting with physicians, directors and staff to maximize value for patients, the hospital and the community by assessing service lines, hospital spaces and operational strategies.

To that end, Correa challenged the chamber members to unite, share experiences and leverage resources to advance the Hispanic acumen and reach within this geographic area.

“We are all at the core of delivering high-quality healthcare to our families and neighbors across this great region with outstanding outcomes,” he said.

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