McAfee Animal Hospital’s 2017 August Specials!

By: McAfee Animal Hospital Last Updated: August 9, 2017

McAfee-Animal-Hospitals-2017-August-Specials_01 Stop into McAfee Animal Hospital for a 20% discount on the Snap 4DX test! Usually priced at $53, this month you can purchase this screening test for just $42, a great deal on a great product!

The Snap 4DX is the most comprehensive, in-house disease screen. It tests for Heartworms, Lyme Disease, and two other tick-borne diseases (Ehrilichiosis and Anaplasma).

With Northwest Indiana weather and the tree-lined trails of the Dunes, attacking ticks and other bugs are abundant here. That is why we need to take every precaution to protect our furry friends!

It only takes one mosquito or tick bite to infect your precious pup with these deadly diseases, therefore, the staff at McAfee Animal Hospital recommend yearly testing.

After walks and outings with other dogs, grab a brush and keep your eyes open. Look for ticks and bugs and watch if your dog begins to scratch and bite more often. Here is what a deer tick looks like:

McAfee-Animal-Hospitals-2017-August-Specials_02 McAfee is currently updating and relaunching a new website. So, for more information call: 219-462-5901!

Graphics made by McAfee Animal Hospital.