The #1StudentNWI Program Shares Great News From Northwest Indiana High Schools

By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: November 28, 2017

Throughout Northwest Indiana there are over 40 high schools bursting with good news. From students and teachers to sports and clubs, these schools are shaping the next generation of leaders and deserve to have their stories told.

With so many schools, keeping on top of their great stories would seem impossible for some. Ideas in Motion Media decided to embrace the challenge, and rather than turning aside, opted to hire one student out of each high school in Northwest Indiana and created the #1StudentNWI program! For the last few years this program has been growing, changing, and bringing to light great news from around Northwest Indiana!

The basis of the program is simple: each student writes one article per month to highlight the amazing things going on around them. With a current event and future mentioned each month, schools are given recognition and notice for many of their programs that would often not see much attention. Students get to choose what they’re passionate about, meaning sports, theater, fundraisers, and food drives all get the chance to be showcased.

Each article also highlights a student and staff member, giving faces to those who bring life and vibrancy into the school. For the #1StudentNWI writers, this presents an opportunity to highlight those teachers or staff members who have gone the extra mile to aid students in their learning, or a chance to bring recognition to students working hard toward their graduation.

Additionally, the students are able to gain valuable experience with every article. Each month they grow their portfolio of published work which can be used as the students apply to college and career opportunities, and serves as a wonderful way for them to look back and remember some of the best days of their high school careers!

To read some of the amazing work being created by our #1StudentNWI writers, click here, or visit one of the school pages below!