Blackbird Delights the Lifers, Fulfills Coffee Cravings

By: Jonathan Eddy Last Updated: January 10, 2018

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. And for those coffee connoisseurs who can appreciate an excellent drip brew, Blackbird Café in Valparaiso is where you need to be. With a variety of imported teas and coffees, Blackbird has the means to satisfy every coffee lover. However, they also know they can do more than just brew a good drink.

Blackbird offers several different types of scones, with the cinnamon being incredible. Muffins, vegan or otherwise, along with pies like cherry, blueberry and pumpkin adorn the glass covered case. Each one looks delectable in their own right, but then on top, are large glass jars of cookies almost as big as your face. Chocolate chip, sugar and even vegan cookies are readily available to satiate your confectionary needs.

The Lifers at Camp Life know this as well. Which is why they order lunch from Blackbird every other Tuesday.

Gina Cullen, the resident graphic artist prefers a tasty sandwich. “One of my favorite sandwiches to order from Blackbird is the ham & apple panini,” Cullen said. “It's a really unique & tasty sandwich, and pairs awesome with an ice chai latte or an Italian soda!” However, more than a few know that the real reason to go to the Bird is for the excellent coffee, such as Jenny Craig-Brown, our executive team leader.

“Coffee, coffee, coffee,” exclaimed Craig-Brown. “That is my number one at Blackbird. I have 2 favorites: Highlander Grogg or an Americano. I love all the baked goods as well but my go to is a large hot delicious coffee, always made by an awesome team member and served with a smile.” Stephanie Swearington, business and client development specialist at Camp Life is also another person in the know about the excellent quality of Blackbird coffee.

“I love the Blackbird Blend,” Swearington explained. “It is a dark brew, and super tasty. I order it pretty much every week, but sometimes I add a shot of the seasonal flavors. I really like all their salads too. “

For others, such as contributing editor Peter Krivas, a simple callback to an earlier time with a grilled cheese satisfies his appetite. “The grilled cheese sandwich is a fresh and tasty lunch time treat,” said Krivas, “especially when eaten with Blackbird's amazing mozzarella and cheddar.”

Contributing editor Jennifer Bissonnette has a sweet tooth that must be satisfied along with her lunch.

“I always get the Turkey Ranch BLT and a small hot chocolate,” explained Bissonnette. “The BLT is always great! They give generous portions of turkey and bacon, and just enough ranch to give it a little extra flavor. The hot chocolate is rich but not overwhelming and perfect for warming up on a chilly day!”

Clearly, the staff at Camp Life understands that in order to fulfill every culinarian’s appetite and satisfy even the most persnickety coffee aficionado, Blackbird Café is the only way to go.