Empowering Women, Dr. Siatras Takes Pride in her Work at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center

By: Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center Last Updated: February 8, 2018

The field of imaging is unique, giving doctors and technologists the opportunity to see inside of the human body. With technology constantly advancing and allowing for clearer, more telling images, radiologists and technologists are lucky to be within a field that offers so much opportunity to help others.

For Dr. Anastasia Siatras, a radiologist with the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center, the ability to utilize these technologies and educate women on their bodies is paramount to her position.

“Radiology is fascinating because we see every interesting case that comes into the hospital, and mammography is no exception," explained Dr. Siatras. "Each woman is special and unique and part of the challenge is analyzing subtle differences in breast tissue that may occur from the previous year."  

An Ohio native, Dr. Siatras did her schooling and training in Chicago and completed her breast fellowship in Ohio before settling down in Northwest Indiana. Joining Methodist and the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center in 2012, she’s found it to be a place of support and opportunity for many.

“No one who walks through these doors walks alone. Whether it’s just a yearly screening or if you come in for the first time because you feel something abnormal, we have a great team here,” explained Siatras. “I think breast imaging is one of the most important parts of radiology. We're actively screening for cancer. Our job is to try and find it at the earliest stage possible to give women their best chance at survival.”

Looking to empower and educate women, Dr. Siatras has certainly found a supportive place to do just that.

“I feel that that’s part of my position, to be able to educate women so that they know their bodies and can educate other women,” said Dr. Siatras. “Stage 1 [breast cancer] has a 99% survival rate. Screening mammograms are vital so that we can look inside and try to find the cancer when it’s small, before a woman or her doctor can feel it.”

With the ability to educate and save lives, the tools available to Dr. Siatras are important. Luckily, Methodist and the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center stay on top of technology and do everything they can to offer the best to women.

“I love that the technology is always evolving, and that our facility offers the most advanced mammograms to every woman who walks through our doors,” said Dr. Siatras. “I want the women who come to our hospital to know that whatever care they receive here is identical to the care they would receive if they were going to a large tertiary center in Chicago.”

For Dr. Siatras, the ability to educate and help women is important. Whether you are one of the eight who will be diagnosed with breast cancer, or one of the other seven women who will be coming in for regular screenings, the team at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center is happy to offer screenings, education, and support to women.