Patients and Partners Speak of Compassionate Care at Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center

By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: August 23, 2018

The Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospital consistently provides excellent care for their patients. Perhaps none know this better than those who have experienced their care and those who partner with them throughout the year.

Evelyn Cole, a former patient and current volunteer, and Ann Peters, Founder of the Pink Ribbon Society, have each experienced this care and compassion in different ways. Through their experiences and testimonials, it’s easy to see why the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center is the place to go, even for simple procedures.

Cole’s journey began with a routine mammogram and a diagnosis of breast cancer. While the diagnosis was the last thing she had hoped for, the compassionate and friendly staff helped her get through a difficult time in her life. Cole’s experience was so positive that she came back as a volunteer to help other women going through the same thing.

“They make everybody feel comfortable,” Cole said. “I started going there for my checkups when they opened. I went in a couple of years ago and wasn’t so happy when I came out, but they were really good. I just knew I could go back to them for anything I needed.”

Peters’ relationship with the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center is more of a partnership, but one she values highly. As Founder and President of the Pink Ribbon Society, her work with the Breast Care Center is important for women in need of support.

“We are located next to each other; we are always sending people there and them to us,” Peters explained. “We certainly appreciate them. They are an awesome group of women to work with. They follow up with patients, they make sure that the patient is taken care of from start to finish. They’re compassionate and passionate and supportive. I don’t think there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for a patient.”

While each woman’s experience with the Breast Care Center was a bit different, the appreciation and positivity both feel toward the center were obvious. From the support and understanding offered by those working within the center, to the many programs they work on, the mission and values truly speak to others.

“We thoroughly enjoy working with them,” Peters said. “We are working with the same groups of people and we do whatever we can from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. It’s been a great relationship.”

“They are very open and friendly,” Cole said. “I’ve had people say that one of the reasons they come back is because of that. To me, that says a lot.”

For those involved with the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center, the attitudes and compassion there say it all. From regular checkups to diagnosis and treatment, the staff are dedicated to providing a positive, nurturing experience for all.

To learn more about the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center, visit their website here.