Robert J Franko: Trust is the Cornerstone of Care at VNA of Northwest Indiana

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 20, 2019

It’s my privilege to serve as the new President/CEO of the VNA of Northwest Indiana. I’m humbled and honored beyond words to lead this organization and know that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants of past board members, supporters, and especially founder Laura Harting. To be given the trust of our board and staff, of our patients and community is an awesome thing. Trust.

It’s a big word. It means a lot of things in different contexts; bankers think about it one way, investors have a different take, but for most of us it is the foundation of our relationships. Trust is the conglomeration of a lot of different components such as integrity, faith, loyalty, and commitment. It is not to be taken lightly, nor is it a commodity whose value fluctuates with whatever conditions exist. I take it very seriously.

I know this community has a large stake in the VNA. It is a valued non-profit, a valued service provider, and a trusted friend during deeply sad and heartbreaking times when we lose loved ones. It’s hard to find anyone in our region whose life hasn’t been touched by the VNA in some aspect.

I also know that there’s been some confusion in recent years about the VNA. When the decision was made to transition our home health services to our valued partner Porter Health, some thought that was the end of the VNA. It wasn’t. It was really a new beginning.

Today we are a vibrant hospice provider that is expanding into palliative care. We provide thousands of Meals on Wheels to our neighbors, install and maintain LifeLine emergency services in hundreds of homes, and provide bereavement services for kids in our Phoenix Center. Our Horton Inpatient Unit is going through a beautiful transformation and modernization to make it even more comfortable and reassuring for patients and families. Our caring providers visit dozens of homes and nursing facilities every day to provide comfort, relief and support for patients and their loved ones.

We value your trust in us. If we’ve done anything to lose it, please let me know. Losing trust in anyone or anything can be tragic. I’m asking for your continued support, for your feedback, and for your renewed trust in YOUR VNA.

But mostly, I thank you for supporting this organization for nearly 50 years and for giving us the privilege of your trust when it matters most.