Journey Senior Living hosts educational estate planning event

By: Andrea Marvel Last Updated: March 1, 2019

“One in four people are going to need memory care at some point,” said Florian Steciuch, Certified Senior Advisor, who offered the opening remarks at Journey Senior Living’s Estate Planning Event for Realtors this Thursday evening.

The event invited local realtors to enjoy dinner and drinks, network with various experts, and tour the facilities before the feature presentation that explored various aspects of estate planning.

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“When most people think about estate planning, they’re thinking about a will,” said Christian Bartholomew, Attorney at Burke Costanza & Carberry. “What they don’t think about is having someone they trust who can help manage their affairs. If you don’t and you haven’t taken the steps necessary, things can get very difficult.”

Bartholomew’s presentation detailed the advantages of trusts, living wills, probate, and the various types of powers of attorney.

Courtney Smith, another Attorney at Burke Costanza & Carberry, followed Bartholomew’s presentation with information about her area of expertise: Adult Guardianship. She explained the importance of the aspects of Bartholomew’s presentation, as failing to plan can create emergency situations that are more difficult to traverse.

“Preplanning can save a lot of money and heartache,” Smith said. “Many older adults have periods where they cannot make their own decisions, whether it’s due to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, stroke, accident, or some other serious medical condition. If there is no power of attorney in place, a guardian will be necessary to make medical and financial decisions.”

Jocelyn Hibshman, Chief Compliance Officer at Lakeside Wealth Management, is a Long-Term Care Planning Specialist. She tied the evening together with further information to educate the transition from independent to assisted living.

“With the growth of senior housing, most people have to sell their homes to afford it. We want to help people be proactive in thinking about that part of the future,” said Tiffany Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso. “We wanted to educate the real estate industry to prepare them for what’s coming.”

“I know nothing about any of that,” said Jan Whiteman, a local realtor with 25 years’ experience. Jan and her husband have attended previous educational events at Journey and look forward to attending more.

“They had a VA Aid event, an Alzheimer’s event, and tonight is estate planning. I don’t know anything about my parents’ finances. But what I like about Journey is that they are offering many options to make the right choices for your parents in senior care.”

Steciuch serves as a third party to mediate and guide people through the whole transition.

“This is a really nice facility,” Steciuch said. “It’s excellent for assisted living with a very high-level memory care unit.”

Stephanie Barton, Community Relations Coordinator at Alzheimer’s & Dimensia Services of Northwest Indiana, considers Journey Senior Living a valuable memory care option and partner in education.

“What they’re doing is fantastic,” Barton said, “I think it’s important for them to get the word out about the services they offer.”

“I spend a lot of time educating people who stop in to check out the facility,” Anderson said. “Now that we’ve educated a few real estate agents and brokers, they can take that knowledge with them in the workforce, and take it to their families.”

“The goal is to make the process seamless and have a good support team.”

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