StoryPoint Chesterton Celebrates Grand Opening 2019

Taylor Bundren
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: June 12, 2019

The Chesterton community welcomed StoryPoint Senior Living with excitement at their grand opening on June 11. Residents, StoryPoint staff, and community members celebrated with a ribbon cutting, food, drinks, and live music from Emmanouel Fokianos.

StoryPoint is a senior life connections company that assists seniors not only in housing, but also in offering an environment with various activities and a surrounding that enriches the lives of residents. StoryPoint Chesterton offers both independent living and enhanced living for residents.

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Many community members came out to support StoryPoint Chesterton during the celebration. Staff members also led people on tours throughout the new building.

Courtney Fokianos, Executive Director at StoryPoint of Chesterton, said that their goal is to provide the best possible experience for the residents.

“We’re here to provide them with the best experience we can, make every day fun, and make the most of every minute that we can,” Fokianos said.

Fokianos said she loves seeing their relationships develop and is looking forward to growing the resident family.

“It all comes together. It happens organically. And the residents all feel at home. Some of them have said that they feel more at home here than at the home they left,” Fokianos said. “They have their friends and family come, they have them for dinner – it’s just a great place to be.”

Robert Fordy has been a resident at StoryPoint for over a month and he already enjoys living there.

“I’m not used to being in a 5-star hotel,” he laughed.

StoryPoint offers spacious apartments, different kinds of activities each day, a main dining area and chef-prepared meals, a café, on-site personal care, and much more.

Fordy said the atmosphere at StoryPoint is friendly and fun.

“There’s nobody here you don’t know. If you come down here to eat and you’re sitting by yourself, somebody will invite you over to their table or you just walk in and join them,” he said.

“We truly are a senior connections company,” said Geoff Lambert, Life Enrichment Director. “It’s not just about a building, it’s not just about activities or culinary team – it’s about creating great lives for our seniors and connecting them with other people and other ideas and new activities and new things.”

Lambert said that a huge part of the atmosphere at StoryPoint is the excitement that comes with each new day.

“I’m most excited about our residents that are moving in or have already moved in, getting them comfortable and getting them at activities that they want to be at because that’s why I’m here. It’s for those residents,” Lambert said.

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