Memories and melodies created at Sheridan Plaza featuring the Crawpuppies

Rebecca Libauskas
By: Rebecca Libauskas Last Updated: June 22, 2019

Hello, Summer! The City of Whiting rocked out with the Crawpuppies, a Region favorite cover band, to welcome the first day of summer. The family-friendly event kicked off their concert series at Sheridan Plaza. Concert-goers came prepared with chairs and blankets for the all ages concert, featuring classic rock. Even passersby were pulled into the experience, creating an atmosphere of fun, dancing, and making memories of a downtown summer night. On top of this, the memories and melodies created at Sheridan Plaza are free of charge.

“I like all the great people you meet during concerts like this,” said Chad Clifford, Singer/Guitarist of the Crawpuppies. “I never take it for granted. I get to do something that I love and people show up. That makes me excited about playing.”

The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019

The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019 29 Photos
The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019The Crawpuppies at Sheridan Plaza 2019

Chad Clifford is a huge Beatles, U2, and Led Zeppelin fan, but the band's repertoire reaches all corners of classic rock. The tight-knit band, who have been together for decades, is able to cater their lineup depending on the energy of the crowd. According to Clifford, Northwest Indiana has a vibrant music scene, which creates opportunities to share passion for music with others.

“Anytime I can make music, it’s awesome,” Clifford said. “I got a job that’s ‘happiness’.”

For Mike Cutris, Lead Rhythm Guitarist and Background Vocalist for 15 years with the Crawpuppies, said that he loves creating music outdoors in the summertime especially at a place like the Sheridan Plaza. Even with the unpredictable Indiana weather that we all are accustomed to, it beats the indoor setting for Curtis. The crowd of people grew despite ominous clouds, and Curtis explained that the more people, the more energy he has to showcase his skills.

“It’s an honor to have people here that enjoy music,” Curtis said. “You’d think the more people, the more nerves would kick in, but it’s the opposite. You get the energy of the crowd. We love music and are glad to be asked back to play again.”

Mark Harbin, Director of Special Events for the City of Whiting, anticipated a summer filled with music and family fun. Harbin enjoys taking his own children to the plethora of fun things Whiting has to offer. For Harbin, summer started with the Crawpuppies because they are an excellent band, and the plaza was created for special moments like these to be created.

“When you start playing music, people come and families come,” Harbin said. “We do family-friendly activities, and it's been a success for the past few years.”

Harbin looks forward to all the family fun opportunities made available to Northwest Indiana by the City of Whiting. Some of the activities that are on the radar are the July 3rd fireworks, the 100th year installment of the Fourth of July parade, Syphony at the Lake, WoaZone, and the countless special events in store for a summer of fun, community, and friendship.

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