NITCO celebrates their customers with a day of fun

Taylor Bundren
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: July 18, 2019

Family and friends were invited to celebrate NITCO’s Customer Appreciation Day, hosted at their Rensselaer location.

NITCO, the regional telecommunications company, provided free food and activities for community members to enjoy, including pork from Birky’s, ice cream, a dunk tank, air brush tattoos, a photo booth, balloon creations from Twist and Smile Balloons, and more. WLQI 97.7 broadcasted live from the event.

The event showed members of local communities that they care about their customers and want to provide the best possible service. NITCO employees spent the day chatting with attendees and helping with different activities.

NITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of Fun

NITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of Fun 40 Photos
NITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of FunNITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of FunNITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of FunNITCO Celebrates Their Customers With A Day Of Fun

“It’s not only fun for the people we invite to come, but it’s fun for the employees too,” said Cassy Huber, Marketing Coordinator for NITCO. “Customers are going to be here meeting people they speak with over the phone or people who do installation and repair. It gives everyone an opportunity to meet the local people who work for them.”

NITCO purchased TV Cable of Rensselaer at the beginning of 2018 and have held annual Customer Appreciation events in Rensselaer since then. July 18 was their second annual Customer Appreciation Day in Rensselaer, and they plan to have their eighth annual Customer Appreciation Day at their Hebron location in August.

“I’m excited to get to interact with the customers. It’s nice to be able to do something fun for them and get to enjoy our time,” said Heather Zeese, Supervisor of Business Office and Quality Control. 

Attendee John Johnson said he enjoyed the free lunch while meeting NITCO employees.

“I think it’s great,” customer Nancy Miller said. “I really do. You see a lot of people that you know and you meet new people.”

Kids got fun airbrush tattoos and dunked NITCO employees sitting in the dunk tank while their parents enjoyed dinner and ice cream.

“This is an opportunity to say thank you to our customer base and let them know that we are involved in the community and that Rensselaer and Morocco are very important to NITCO,” said Tomas Carroll, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of NITCO.

Some people attended the event who wanted to learn more about what NITCO offers.

“It’s an opportunity for us to let our customers know about special discounts and opportunities,” Carroll said. “We wanted all of our current customers to know that there’s a way for them to save money, and we wanted our new customers to know that we are very price conscious and that we have a wonderful service that they should take advantage of.”

“I think the best message is that we do care a lot about our customers,” Zeese said. “We try to do everything we can. It’s kind of a family. Our customers are our biggest asset and we just want to show them that we appreciate them.”

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