Affordable Remodelers puts a silver lining on storm damage

By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: July 19, 2019

There’s no doubt that Indiana sees and feels its fair share of storms, especially during the summer. With summer storms comes an influx of unpredictable debris, and when that debris involves trees, people’s homes, businesses and other facilities take a hit. Affordable Remodelers is here to help. The experienced team of professionals can fix storm damage and work closely with insurance companies to make sure to get the job done. 

The Affordable Remodelers team works to make exterior damage repair convenient and straight to the point for any homeowner. Their assessments on siding, soffit, facia, gutters, roofing, and trim are detailed and comprehensive, ensuring a maintenance-free finish that leave the homeowner at ease. Here are the most common types of storm damage that can occur to the home. 


Hail comes in all shapes and sizes. As does hail damage. Hail damage can affect your roof, gutters, and siding exponentially and there is really no way to prevent it from happening. 


Heavy rain can cause issues outside and inside of the home. Both interior and exterior flooding damage can become costly if not repaired immediately. Drywall can get ruined, and sitting water can also lead to other issues down the road, such as mold or foundation problems. 


Winds over 50-60 mph can cause major issues and concerns for siding, gutters, facias, and other exteriors. The roof, however, is most vulnerable to exterior wind damage. 


When trees start to fall, problems start to arise. During a storm, trees and limbs can potentially crash into a window or roof, or ruin siding and gutters. This then becomes an interior problem. 

Ensure your home’s safety as well as your own by keeping the Affordable Remodelers phone number close. Call 888-510-8620 for any storm damage repairs. Otherwise, set up a FREE consultation and estimate today if you are looking to keep your home feeling and looking brand new.