Currie Motors Ford of Valpo Employee Spotlight: Robert Hearod

Taylor Bundren
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: July 24, 2019

 If you stop by Currie Motors Ford of Valpo, you might run into Robert Hearod, a sales associate who works hard to help match people with the cars they need and who’s passionate about his job.

In 2017, Hearod jumped into his sales role at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo with enthusiasm and realized that he enjoyed helping people find what they need. He said his favorite part of his job is when customers say “yes” to their dream car and their faces light up.

“To see the excitement on a customer’s face, knowing that they’re getting a new car – I think that’s the most exciting part for me,” Hearod said.

When Hearod is assisting a customer in looking for a car, he likes to know how they heard about the store,  what type of vehicle is suitable for their needs, he then lets them drive around to see how they feel about the vehicle, and then dives into the specific details.

Hearod said getting to know people and connecting with them is so important in order to understand their needs.

“You have to find common ground with a customer, so you basically try finding ways to connect,” Hearod said.

Recently, he started helping out the delivery coordinator as well. Before joining the Currie Motors Ford of Valpo staff, Hearod worked in a warehouse doing factory work. He eagerly jumped into his role at the dealership and quickly adjusted to his job.

Hearod said that he started to immediately enjoy his job working in sales and connecting with the customers as they choose their new vehicles. He said that he enjoys his job so much it doesn’t feel like he’s working at all – just something he loves to do.

“The best part of my job is that I get to meet interesting new people every day,” Hearod said.

He said he’s grown from all of his experiences since he started working at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo, getting to know customers, entertaining them, and making new acquaintances.

“The experience I had buying my first vehicle was terrifying. I would never want my clients to go through a similar experience. Buying a new vehicle should be fun,” Hearod said.

Hearod also enjoys working at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo because the staff members are close-knit and feel like a family.

Outside of work, Hearod loves spending time with his daughter and family. But when he is working, he’s completely focused and gives it his all.

“I am totally in my element. My dad always told that once you find something that you like to do, it will never just be a job,” Hearod said. “And it’s not just a job – it’s fun, it’s my livelihood, it’s what I choose to go out and do every single day. This is how I provide for my family but when I’m there, I’m all in.”

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