Brilliant Results FAQs: Get in the know for a sparkling home

By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: October 15, 2019

Everyone has considered turning to the expertise of a professional cleaning service at least once in their adult lives. Whether your schedule makes chores seem like an afterthought, a setback has prevented you from cleaning, or an important event calls for sparkling surroundings, a lot of instances can raise the question: would a cleaning service would be beneficial? 

Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC offers a professional solution to any of the above situations and more. To help you decide whether a cleaning service like Brilliant Results is right for you, here are some answers to frequently-asked questions. 

Q: How often can I get my home cleaned?

A: Brilliant Results offers bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and periodic cleanings based on whatever best suits the client’s needs. Flexible scheduling, a rarity in the industry, is one of Brilliant Results’ specialties. 

Q: What does a standard cleaning service include?

A: On every visit, Brilliant Results performs the following tasks—

Q: Can I request additional services?

A: Yes. Brilliant Results also offers packages that include detailed cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and/or additional tasks such as polishing cabinets, vacuuming furniture, and carpet edging. For more details, click here.

Q: Would I be able to request a one-time cleaning service?

A: Yes. Brilliant Results can alleviate the stress of cleaning for a real estate showing, cleaning with a temporary injury hindering you, preparing for a special event or party, or if you’re just having an off week and need a break from chores. As a matter of fact, many current Brilliant Results’ customers first turned to the service for last- minute emergency cleanings and were so impressed with the results that they scheduled routine services.

Q: How does the pricing work?

A: Pricing is flat rate and based on frequency, meaning that customers who schedule routine services save money. Each additional task is charged at $30 an hour. Credit cards are accepted. Click here for a free online quote. 

If you still have questions about whether Brilliant Results suits your home cleaning needs, visit their website for more info. Brilliant Results is committed to client satisfaction and in the rare occurrence where a job needs to be tweaked, staff will come back to address it promptly. With guaranteed value, professionalism, and excellence, it’s worth satisfying your curiosity over whether a cleaning service is right for you.