US Department of Labor representative attends Northwest Indiana Workforce Board meeting

By: Center of Workforce Innovations Last Updated: November 22, 2019

The Northwest Indiana Workforce Board (NWIWB) welcomed Christine Quinn to their November general board meeting on November 21st in Valparaiso. Quinn serves as the Regional Administrator at the US Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration. 

Quinn visited the workforce board to share efforts related to the workforce system on a national level and those that will contribute in a positive way when it comes to local workforce development programs and services that the NWIWB oversees and manages.

She reinforced the importance of partnerships among providers offering services and programs. Quinn also shared updates on apprenticeship programs, best practices related to preparing for the future of work and prompted conversation on the talent deserts. Having an understanding that borders are invisible was also a topic Quinn spoke on and indicated that it will be important to have conversations considering Indiana borders to two other states and when it comes to the notion of a shared labor force.

“We were delighted to have Christine with us and intend to take a closer look at several of the innovative strategies that will touch some of our regional and state workforce systems,” said Linda Woloshansky, President & CEO of the Center of Workforce Innovations and staff to the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board.