Amy Holloway builds bonds through real estate

By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: December 30, 2019

Amy Holloway always had an interest in real estate. Growing up, she observed her grandfather handling rental properties, a part of her life that may have planted that first seed of interest. 

“I think it started as something to hold his interest during retirement, that fulfilling thing that got him out of bed in the morning,” she said. “He just kept collecting them, in a sense.”

Holloway’s grandpa is now in his 90s, and her father has been bit by the rental home bug, too. One part of the process that fascinated her was the way in which they’d turn the older homes around to be like new.

“I don’t know if I would have the stamina to flip houses,” Holloway laughed. “But it’s something that catches my attention.”

Several years ago, Holloway began her work in the real estate industry. The pursuit occurred right during a time of transition in her life, and now she’s enjoying her career in earnest. 

“I realized that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my career at the time, and that I found fulfillment in working with homes and helping people buy homes,” she said. “The desire to follow that feeling is what prompted my decision to pursue real estate.”

When her paths crossed with Darlene Knoblock, she discovered the two worked together well. Holloway has now been working with Knoblock, Stephanie Cowger, Susie Wimberley andKelly Royster in their real estate team for the past year and a half, and she could not be more pleased. She admires her teammates, and she values the connections she makes with clients.

“I kind of like to think that you become more of a trusted advisor, a friend to clients, one they can reach out to whenever they have a question or an idea,” she said. “I enjoy the relationship building that goes into this business, and I see it as much more than a transaction.”

Holloway also relishes any chance to be helpful. 

“Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, and I like to be the one to help them navigate that decision,” she said.

In her tenure as a realtor, Holloway has experienced plenty of opportunities for personal and career growth, and her experiences range from challenging but rewarding to downright hilarious. She recalled one particular instance in which she was showing a home to potential buyers, a home that just so happened to host Great Danes as previous occupants. Holloway stepped into the backyard without watching to see where her feet would lead her, and...well, you can imagine what she stumbled upon. 

“I should have known better,” she laughed. “I’m a dog owner, I knew the possibilities!”

She must have done something right, though, because the buyers sealed the deal on that home.

“We all laughed about it, and we still do,” she said. “They’re great people and I’m happy I’m still in touch with them.” 

Holloway enjoys maintaining those relationships with her clients, and she’s always looking for ways to keep in touch. 

“I love to see what clients have done with their homes,” she said. “Any time they invite me over to see their updates since closing, it’s such a treat.”

In line with her house refurbishment interest, Holloway herself loves to repurpose furniture. Whether it’s painting a bookcase or replacing all the knobs on an old bureau with modern ones, she loves to get her hands on those kinds of projects.

“My favorite style is mixing the old with the new. I’ve gotten away from it a little bit, in part because I’m busy and in part because I’m running out of room,” she joked. “I do have a piece my mom gave me that I haven’t done anything with yet, probably because she would kill me if I did!”

Holloway and her boyfriend both enjoy fixing up homes, and they tackle projects together. As dog parents, both also spend a lot of time taking their dogs on hikes. Holloway enjoys that her career is one where she can age in place, like one would in a home. 

“It’s a career that stands the test of time,” she said. “It’s an investment. As a realtor, you help people invest in their big moments, and you’re investing in your own.”

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