Marc Ruiz employs the human element in financial advising

By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: January 23, 2020

When his father formed Oak Partners, Inc. in 1993, Marc Ruiz immediately joined the team as an Associate Financial Advisor. Years of experience, grit, and a passion for the industry have led him to his current role of Team Leader and Partner. With an understanding of—and commitment to—the company’s mission from the start, Ruiz has never doubted where Oak Partners’ trajectory would lead him.

“My dad, Fred, had a vision that if we could build an organization that helped financial advisors deal with the demands of the administrative and compliance work that our business involves, it would free up the advisors to really focus on giving high quality service, planning and advice to clients,” he said. “That is what we have endeavored to do over the past 25 years.”

This tactic streamlined advisors’ roles and placed clients first and foremost, giving Oak Partners, Inc. a reputation for frontline service.

“Having their advisors’ attention focused on planning and investing instead of paperwork and compliance demands has helped provided clients with a positive experience, and they have invested more and referred their friends and family [to Oak Partners],” Ruiz said.

Of course, a lot can change in 25 years, especially from a business’ standpoint. From Ruiz’ perspective, most of those changes have been for the better when it comes to Oak Partners.

The industry has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. What was once a business focused on financial products has now become a profession focused on fiduciary advice and financial planning,” he said. “While much of what we do for clients may feel similar to what they experienced in prior years, the approach we employ now is distinctly different and positively evolved.”

In turning to a financial advisor for guidance, one would hope to receive the best, most individualized advice possible. Because the professionals at Oak Partners utilize a fiduciary approach in advisory relationship for their clients, and Ruiz takes pride in his team’s commitment to act in a client’s best interest.

“Our business is extremely service and advice focused. We endeavor to provide our clients with a premium level client experience, and fulfilling this goal requires qualified and experienced team members, which fortunately we have been able to develop and cultivate over time,” he said.

For Ruiz himself, he relishes the certain amount of strategizing that his career requires as a reward.

“I really enjoy when a plan comes together. We so often begin serving our clients long before a retirement event or financial goal is achieved. When that client meets a goal, we have planned and prepared for so long, it feels like I have achieved the goal with them,” Ruiz said.

The personal stake that accompanies his role as an advisor—and the human element each client’s case requires—is an aspect of the industry that Ruiz wishes more people comprehended. Especially at Oak Partners, Inc., where he and his teammates strive to tailor advice to each and every client that they have the pleasure to serve. 

“Everyone thinks being an investment advisor is all about stocks, bonds, and markets, and certainly these things are a huge part of the work we do, but in a more fundamental sense, our business is about people and families and how we can listen and truly help them use the financial tools and knowledge we have to be successful over time,” he said. “So, in the end, it really is all about people and relationships.”

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