Knoblock Real Estate Group heads into 2020 with renewed philosophy: We Move You Forward

By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: February 9, 2020

Knoblock Real Estate Group (formerly known as Team 360), continues to be well-known for their comprehensive, client-focused real estate service after a recent re-brand. The new name is meant to reflect the same philosophy that makes the Knoblock Real Estate group what it is – people are what matter.

“For me, Real Estate is all about helping people move forward in their lives. Selling or buying a home is a bit of a journey, and it’s important to us that our clients know we are walking that path with them,” said Darlene Knoblock, Owner of Knoblock Real Estate Group. “There’s a story behind every client we’ve served. It’s not just a transaction, it’s a transition. Ninety percent of the time, a home seller or buyer is experiencing some transition in their life that has brought them to a real estate decision.”

Knoblock and her team are experienced with hundreds of closed transactions and happy clients. Based in Valparaiso under Coldwell Banker, they serve home sellers and buyers across Northwest Indiana. In the year since Knoblock formed her team, they became Coldwell Banker’s number one team in Porter County.

“We come together as a team to achieve our common goals, which center around our clients. We’re all equally committed to showing up for our clients in a way that they may not have experienced before,” Knoblock said. “Each team member brings their own unique strength and are all willing to help each other when needed. When you work with someone from our team, you are getting the benefit of five experienced agents.”

It is not unusual for Knoblock Real Estate team members to work with a buyer or seller for many months. The dedicated agents do whatever it takes to meet their clients’ needs and dreams, all while bringing the human aspect into real estate.

“It’s important as human beings that we maintain close connections and show them that we care about them during the process and long after the closing. Social media helps with that, but we also create opportunities to send cards or gifts, or sometimes just reach out and say, ‘Hello, I’ve been thinking about you’,” she said. “At a time when big business seems to be getting bigger and more impersonal, we want to bring back that one on one connection.”

That led to the decision to go by Knoblock Real Estate Group. A more personal, approachable name where clients can easily match a face to the business.  Next, the team had to settle on a tagline, a motto to capture their philosophy in one sentence.

Knoblock is powerfully motivated by the stories she hears about how her clients find ways to move forward. From the recently-divorced mother who is getting a fresh start with a new home, to a new U.S. citizen buying a home for the first time, every story about a home closing evokes feelings of triumph and success for the buyer or seller.

“That’s where I know what I’m doing has impact, and a lot of people don’t think that of real estate agents,” Knoblock said.

“’We Move You Forward’ is what we decided,” Knoblock said. “For years, I’ve said that I help people move forward in life through the vehicle of real estate. It could be as exciting as an expanding family, as crazy as a move across the country, or as emotional as selling the long-time family home.  It’s my personal belief that it’s always good to keep moving forward.”

Knoblock Real Estate Group is poised for an exciting 2020.

“This year, we want to connect more with the communities we serve. We plan on having some special promotions for the community. It’s a chance for us to just give back and promote the local businesses that we love,” said Knoblock. For more information on Knoblock Real Estate,