Excitement lights up the streets of Downtown Winamac with their annual Electric Parade

By: Gena Demuth Last Updated: December 4, 2020

The Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce strives to provide a family friendly event creating hometown memories. The second annual Electric Christmas Parade did just that. Lighting up the downtown streets of Winamac, the parade launched the 18th annual Winter Wonderland event, ringing in the holidays for the residents of  Pulaski County. 

Hosted by the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce, participants decorated golf carts, vehicles, and even themselves with lights and Christmas decorations. Stepping off at  the skate park on North Market Street, the parade proceeded downtown, turning west on Main Street ending at the railroad depot parking lot. An announcer stood outside a decorated storefront giving play by play descriptions to those excitedly in attendance. Children were yelling in glee waving lighted wands, pointing excitedly at the decorated vehicles, carts and even a lighted unicycle rider. When Santa himself showed up on the firetruck, some could not contain themselves, jumping up and down.

Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020

Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020 61 Photos
Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020Winter Wonderland Electric Lights Parade 2020

Despite the unpredictability with current times, the Chamber of Commerce was determined to bring joy and excitement to the community. They accomplished just that, even with the changes that had to be made to ensure adequate social distancing.

“The dance had to be canceled this year,” said Amy Cantu. “Last year the vendors were in the high school. This year we put the vendors in Celebration Station on the corner because we wanted to bring the festival downtown.” 

With Christmas music playing throughout the streets and decorated store fronts, it was hard not to feel festive.

“This place was wonderful to have this here,” said Kayla of Beaver Creek Farms who was selling personally designed shirts as well as other items she had designed for veteran-owned companies. “It was a great parade and it was great for the community, especially this year.”

Throughout the weekend, merchants and businesses will be having sales and hosting family-fun activities. From home decorations, drawings, clothing, unique gifts, and much more, it can all be found in downtown Winamac.

Show local vendors support at the Celebration Station from 6  to 9 p.m. on Friday December 4th and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 5th at the opera house building, located on the corner of Main and Market streets in Winamac.

For more information about Winter Wonderland, call the Chamber of Commerce or email: