Previewing the Windows 7 Release

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: October 13, 2009

On October 22, 2009, Windows will release its follow-up operating system to Windows Vista, Windows 7. Vista had struggled mightily since its 2007 release, as users have complained about the operating system being too memory resource-heavy and confusing in its interface.

According to many PC insiders, however, Windows 7 has supposedly fixed many of the issues with the OS. Most early reviews of the operating system focus on improved reliability and security, along with a new, more user-friendly interface.

One of the big downsides to the OS is the backwards compatibility issues that may arise. Early tests show that while Windows 7 runs better than Vista on older computers, getting a new computer (with new drivers, hardware, etc.) is usually a wise move to go ahead and get a new computer altogether than to upgrade and transfer your data from XP to Windows 7.

It is expected that many users will make the switch, if not immediately, then after a couple of months have passed and bugs have worked themselves out. If anything, PC users will likely make the upgrade because XP was released in 2001, meaning they will be running on an eight year old operating system, a time period which is basically eons in the technology world.

For more information on the Windows 7 release, visit the official release page on Microsoft’s Microsoft 7 website.