Win Tickets for the Valparaiso Basketball Round Table

By: Contribute Last Updated: October 17, 2009

I was at the Boys & Girls Club earlier today to sell tickets to the basketball roundtable event on October 25th. It was great to see some of the best child athletes compete in back to back games this morning and early afternoon. At times there were two games going at once. Many people were interested in the roundtable event and took flyers with the information. One kind gentleman gave five dollars for a ticket and said "Give it to a kid who needs it." This was an extremely kind gesture. I realized that the kid would likely need an adult with them. I decided to match his kind gesture and have put forth the money for a second ticket.

The event will be hosting some of Valparaiso's star coaches and players, such as Virgil Sweet, Skip Collins, and Bryce Drew. They will be sharing stories and relating some of their personal experiences in their basketball careers. The deadline is this Thursday at 5 pm.

Here is where all of you come in. We have two tickets to give away to a kid and adult. I will be accepting written submissions from kids ages 6-14 on why they want to attend this event. They must also explain what adult they are taking with them and why they chose that adult. Submissions can be emailed to

I realize that children may not be reading, so please be sure to spread the word about this competition and inform the children in your life. As a teacher in training; I understand the desire to help your children write this, but please let them express their thoughts to their personal best.