Kotys Wealth Professionals’ Mark Rosinski earns CFP qualifications, joining an elite group of advisors

Curtis Hankins
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: September 23, 2021

Every member of the team at Kotys Wealth Professionals is committed to providing the best possible client experience, each in their own unique way. For Mark Rosinski, a financial advisor, that meant taking the leap and becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, or CFP® – a task he accomplished earlier this year.

A CFP® is one of the most accredited financial advisors in the country, who has passed a rigorous exam that had just a 63% pass rate in 2020. In the United States, there are 263,000 personal financial advisors, and only 89,000 of them are CFP®s. The title is for more than just show – it indicates that the planner meets an incredibly high standard of knowledge, education, ethics, and experience.

“Adding another CFP® professional to our team continues to deepen the knowledge base we are able to bring to our clients,” said Wes Kotys, CFP®, AAMS, and Founder and CEO at Kotys. “At Kotys Wealth Professionals we do work as a team on behalf of all of our clients and we adhere to the high standards of the CFP® designation in our processes. Our clients can have peace of mind that they are working with advisors who genuinely care for their well-being, act as fiduciaries 100% of the time and have gone through the most rigorous training in our industry.”

Rosinski began planning for the 6-hour long CFP® exam as soon as he started working at Kotys Wealth Professionals. He had already earned his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license back in 2017.

“Ever since I found my passion around personal finance, I’ve been an avid learner,” he said. “While the CPA proved extremely useful on the personal tax side of our business, the CFP® was the logical next step in my progression of advancing my career and equipping myself with the knowledge necessary to best serve our clients.”

Despite all of his preparation, he could not help but be nervous once he entered the exam room. “Anytime you step into a proctored exam you have some butterflies,” he said. “After studying in the comfort of your home or local library, you enter Prometric and are frisked upon entry, plopped into a completely silent room with cameras on every computer, and are only allowed to stand up at designated times.”  Luckily, you are given a preliminary pass or fail immediately upon completing the exam, so Rosinski knew right away that he was successful and ready to add another dimension to the team at Kotys Wealth Professionals.

As a CFP® himself, Kotys knew just how difficult Rosinski’s accomplishment was, and the immense benefit it offers the team.

“The CFP® designation is a bit of a marathon race to accomplish and should be adequately celebrated,” he said. “Mark is truly a lifelong learner and does an amazing job of devouring all things related to investment management, wealth management, and financial planning. He readily takes on the challenge of being one of the most equipped financial advisors in our field, and as a fellow CFP® professional, I am proud to have someone of Mark’s integrity, ability, and perseverance join the select few who earn this accomplishment.”

Rosinski is excited to officially put his new qualification to work, but continues to keep an eye on the future.

“I feel like I have been putting the qualifications to work ever since I started taking the CFP® course of study and working at Kotys Wealth Professionals,” he said. “I continue to learn new things every single day and know that in our ever-changing industry that includes tax changes, retirement planning, and investing, my learning journey will never be over.”

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