Fiber optic support comes to the Region: CompressAir excited to be among first to support and adopt the new technology

Curtis Hankins
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Photo by Sullair

Residents and businesses across northern Indiana will soon see a boost to their broadband internet options, as providers are beginning to invest millions into expanding their fiber optic networks into the community. As these companies look to lay down their fiber lines, there is one strong option that can help get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably – compressed air.

Compressors are essential tools that power factories, refineries, and the inner workings of many production facilities throughout the Region, but one of the biggest benefits of compressed air is its portability. Portable diesel air compressors can bring the power of compressed air wherever it is needed – including roadside on the highways and interstates that fiber optic cables tend to follow.

It is a common sight to drive down the highway and see large spools, often attached right to a trailer with a compressor perched atop of it. These spools are the conduits that protect and enable fiber cables to do their essential work, and compressors help the contractors laying the cable to blow rope or line through the conduit, and “fish” the fiber cable through it.

“I think time and time again, we’ve seen how compressed air is a manufacturer’s fourth utility, but this showcases how compressed air pertains to more than just manufacturing,” said Brittany Smith, Director of Marketing Communications at CompressAir. “These broadband cables have added another industry that we can’t wait to help service.”

CompressAir offers a pair of portable compressors, Sullair’s 185 and 375, that are capable of installing fiber lines and are excited to potentially play a role in bringing improved broadband internet access to the northern Indiana community. Their two offices in Elkhart and La Porte will be among the first companies to connect to these new broadband lines.

These expanded fiber networks not only help business such as CompressAir, they also provider a faster, lower-cost connection option to important organizations such as utility providers, local municipalities, and schools. Residents, meanwhile, can turn to internet providers such as Surf Broadband Solutions who are making use of the new lines to offer internet packages with no data caps, contracts, and speeds that traditional cable providers cannot match.

“This is such a new technology for our town,” said Smith. “We couldn’t be more excited to be one of the first to support it by using it in our offices.”

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