CompressAir aids region manufacturers in spreading holiday cheer with top gifts and decorations made with compressed air

By: Rachel Calderone Last Updated: December 30, 2021

During the holiday season, the Region is fortunate to have so many places to be able to purchase the many gifts that go under the tree. Little do we notice, though, that often the popular toys and electronics on our wish lists are manufactured right in the heart of Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. To ensure those products are well-made and top quality, many manufacturers use compressed air to make these highly desired products.

CompressAir, a family owned, and operated business located in La Porte and Elkhart, Ind., has been servicing compressed air systems in the Region for over 30 years. CompressAir connects manufacturers with the necessary compressors, air treatment, and accessories to be able to maintain a compressed air system that helps manufacture many of the wonderful gifts we have come to love to give and receive.

Brittany Smith, Director of Marketing and Communication for CompressAir, explained just how important compressed air is to our local manufacturers.

“Compressed air surrounds you during the Christmas season,” said Smith.

Many of CompressAir’s clients in the Region use compressed air to make the products that we know and love to create holiday ambience in our homes.

“Just in South Bend you can find a manufacturing plant using compressed air for injection molds for Christmas tree stands. Think about those beautiful glass Christmas ornaments or your snow globes. Compressed air is also used during the process of glass blowing,” said Smith.

Even the very gifts that go under the perfectly decorated tree use compressed air to mold the materials into place to create children’s favorite toys, like cars, tracks, dolls, and more.

“Compressed air is used in making everything around us, including those toys you bought your kids that were wrapped sitting under the Christmas Tree,” said Smith. “Any toys that have plastic on it, whether it's a truck that a kid can play with or ‘Paw Patrol’ figurines, the plastic is molded to make these toys. Compressed air is used in the process of molding the plastic.”

The most intricate electronics also used compressed air to ensure that the product is made properly for the consumer. In particular, it is important to use oil-free air compressors while making electronics.

“In electronics, using oil-free air compressors, when it comes to manufacturing electronics is really critical. You don't want an oil-flooded air compressor manufacturing electronics, said Smith.

Using oil-free compressors allows for small and fragile products like a smartphone or smart system like Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub to function without the interference of oil or other substances contaminating circuits within the device.

Beyond just manufacturing the things we want the most under the tree, compressed air helps make the materials used to wrap the gifts as well.

“From the plastic injection molds, to the cardboard box, to the gift, and even to the wrapping paper and bow, manufacturers use compressed air to make these products,” said Smith.

It is clear that compressed air is a critical component to the manufacturing process of many products purchased during the holiday season.

“Compressed air is the fourth utility for so many in the manufacturing industry. Without compressed air, Santa wouldn’t be able to stop at your house with all those toys for your kids,” said Smith.

So, this holiday season, we can be a little more grateful for compressed air and all it does to make our holidays merry and bright.

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