valpolife-logo2 Announces New Mobile Site

By: Kyle Granat Last Updated: January 6, 2010 has just launched a Mobile Site! The new site is a steamlined version of, that only contains our top 10 stories. With the mobile site, you will also be able to view links from our newsletter, twitter, facebook and more in mobile view. The New Site is designed to be very fast on mobile phones, so it doesn't include resource intensive items like photos or videos.

If you visit the site on a mobile phone recognized by our system, you will automatically be re-directed to our mobile site. Otherwise just enter to visit the mobile site.

We have also set up a new system for accessing articles. Did you read an article on the mobile site, but you wanted to see the full version with images when you got home? Just remember the article's 4-digit ID number, and type in This will automatically take you to that article.

Mobile Browsing Tips:

Have a Plan - Make sure you have a data plan through your service provider. Not having a data plan leads to huge costs for viewing just a few websites

Turn On Style Sheets - Some browsers like the Blackberry support Style Sheets (or CSS) but don't turn on that support by default. Go to your browsers options section to turn it on. Style Sheets are not needed to view most mobile sites (including but they can make your experience much richer.

Upgrade Your Browser - One great browser for mobile phones is definitley Opera Mini (Though if your using a Windows Mobile Phone, or a new Nokia smartphone, I reccomend trying Opera Mini's big brother, Opera Mobile). Opera Mini has better support for the web than most standard browsers that come with phones. Opera Mini has a huge list of supported phones, great installation instructions, and best of all, it's free!
Another popular, free, mobile browser is Bolt Browser. It's great for phones that don't support Opera mini.

So just remember, and please contact us if you have any problems.