Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ gives back with toys and pup crawls

Aubrey Thomson
By: Aubrey Thomson Last Updated: July 13, 2022

Marketing Coordinator Jeff Cameron has grown up around the family business, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™, and he has seen how much the company cares for the community over the years. 

From toy drives to pup crawls, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ has always found fun ways to support and plug into the community. For the later half of the year, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ communicates with Fieler Elementary School to prepare for a Christmas toy drive.

“Fieler Elementary School is right around the corner from us,” Cameron said. “We work with them on a regular basis, seeing how many kids need toys. We're in contact half the year leading up to Christmas. Communication will start here in the next month or so.”

“Nothing really compares to the looks on kids' faces,” Cameron continued. “When you bring all the toys to the school, they get really excited. We've gotten letters upon letters from parents saying their kids wouldn't have had gifts for Christmas if we hadn't made the donation. That's kind of the direct impact there.”

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ has also sponsored the Lakeshore Paws Pup Crawl over the years dating back to when it was just Bark in the Park.

“With the pup crawl, it was good to see where it's come from since the backyard bash, which was years ago,” Cameron said. “It is cool to see just how big and how popular they've become. They took it and ran with it and created their own thing. I mean, It's like it's really busy in this quarter, there is a lot to see, like coming to the town center area with people was really cool. Hopefully, it leads to a lot of adoptions.”

Cameron also recalls enjoying drop-offs for Ross Township Food Bank when Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ staff members would collect food to donate to the food bank to distribute across the community. 

The active generosity and care for the community that is present at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ come as no surprise to Cameron given the staff’s work ethic and people-oriented service.

“It's just ingrained in the type of personality that you have to have to do this type of work because you really have to be in tune with the community. Even though we charge for our services, it really has a communal aspect. When someone calls and they can't get out of their garage at the end of the day, you have to really care beyond collecting payment at that point. It's about making sure that person gets taken care of and they can get out of their home if they need to.”

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