Kotys Wealth Professionals and Associated Pediatricians bring new life into a historical Valparaiso building

Brenna Sealy
By: Brenna Sealy Last Updated: July 18, 2022

The Kotys Wealth Professionals ribbon cutting ceremony was held on July 14. The ceremony was combined with the other tenant of the building, Associated Pediatricians. The two businesses worked together to renovate the historical building that used to be home to the Vidette-Messenger Newspaper into a modern but useful space that will continue the Valparaiso legacy.

Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022

Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022 36 Photos
Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022Kotys Wealth Professionals Office Ribbon Cutting 2022

“We bought this building in 2020 with a partner and a lot of things had to come together. Associated Pediatricians were happy to have this corner,” Kotys Wealth Professionals Founder Wes Kotys said. “We felt like it made sense to also partake in revamping this corner. We felt like if we could all partner together, then we could rehabilitate, or remodel, this great corner of Valparaiso.”

The Times still has a portion of the building, but the rest of the space has been renovated to meet the needs of both Kotys Wealth Professionals and Associated Pediatricians. Kotys Wealth Professionals were able to upgrade their office space with more private offices, more common space, a kitchen, and many more small details to make the workday run smoother for both them and their clients.

“We love to entertain, we love to host, and we love to really meet with our clients in a comfortable atmosphere. It's years in the making and a dream come true in some way,” Sarah Kotys, Kotys Wealth Professionals CFO, said. To be a part of revitalizing this building, breathing new life into it, and still providing a space for the Times and being able to work with Associated Pediatricians was a great joy.”

Associated Pediatricians was able to expand its space significantly, which allowed for the execution of countless ideas. Along with significantly more exam rooms and restrooms, the new space also includes separate well and sick waiting rooms, mental health rooms, a designated lactation room, and a classroom.

“This new space was a labor of love. A lot of work. went into making it the best place it can be for our patients. We were outgrowing our space and we have so much more space and so many fun ideas,” Dr. Melissa Mueller with Associated Pediatricians said. “We're really excited to let our practice grow and support the community.”

The community of Valparaiso is continuing to grow as these businesses also grow. The new spaces will provide for the financial and healthcare needs of the growing community of Valparaiso.

“We have two outstanding locally owned businesses that have been growing and they're staying in Valparaiso at renovated facilities,” Rex Richards, president of the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce said. “We are a growing community. We have a lot of people here that have investment needs and Wes’s business can help them. Associated Pediatricians is, of course, healthcare, and with the growing community, we have a lot of families moving in here. Both businesses are growing and successful. For them to revamp this building is really outstanding.”

Being able to provide for the community in a space that was specifically curated to the needs of Kotys Wealth Professionals is something Wes and Sarah Kotys are extremely proud of and excited about. This ribbon cutting signifies the beginning of a new era of this historical Valparaiso building and the continued community support from local businesses.

“I love being a businessperson in Valparaiso. It's a very business-friendly community, in part by Rex and others over the years who have fought and strived to make sure that we are a growing and energetic community on all fronts,” Wes Kotys said. “Looking at this building and the team that we've built, I almost tear up because I’m proud of putting our heads down, doing the work every day, and caring for people.”

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