South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority’s NSA Opening Ceremony celebrates not only softball but friendship

Autum Meyers
By: Autum Meyers Last Updated: July 21, 2022

Crazy costumes, lots of dancing, and smiles all around were just a few of many wonderful things to behold at South Shore CVA’s National Softball Association Opening Ceremony Celebration on Thursday, July 21. Over 150 softball teams across the Midwest took a break from the competition to gather in Hobart’s Festival Park and share an unforgettable evening full of camaraderie and bonding. 

South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022

South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022 53 Photos
South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022South Shore CVA NSA World Series Opening Ceremony Celebration 2022

“They’ve been playing a very spirited competition between the lines, but once they step off those lines and come in here they get to be friends again. Get to know one another, share stories, and make friendships for a lifetime,” said David Uran, President, and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority. 

The celebration allowed the different softball girls to bond in a way they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Each team dressed up as a different theme, such as Minions or Star Wars or even just straight-up glitter, and the teams admired and commented on one another’s costumes. 

“My favorite part has definitely been the parade because it’s all the teams coming together. I get to see people from other towns that I know and it’s really fun,” said Adelyn Biel, a member of the team Munster Madness. 

The competition has been fierce and each team is fighting to win their tournament, but putting the battle on the field aside, the girls are just grateful to be part of such a great experience. 

“We hope we win our tournament, but even if we don’t this stuff is still fun,” Biel smiled.

Everyone could tell how much fun the girls had getting to know one another and making memories. For Mayor of Crownpoint Pete Land, the girls’ excitement was the highlight of his night. 

“I always like the excitement of the players. They all want to win, and they try their best to win, but at the end of the day they still have that excitement, and you can just tell. It’s great to be around,” said Land. 

However, the event was more than just a bonding opportunity for the softball teams. The event was an opportunity for South Shore CVA and the City of Hobart to celebrate a successful partnership. 

Nikki Lopez, the Event Director for the City of Hobart emphasized how important South Shore has been in helping out the city. 

“Our partnership with South Shore is very valuable. They’re the ones that really do all of the work in getting these events to come here. So, we just play a small role in just carrying out the day-to-day, but the South Shore people are the ones who are truly the rockstars,” said Lopez. 

The event was also a great growth opportunity for the city of Hobart and Northwest Indiana. An event this big means that a lot of people are coming into the Region and who get to see just how special it is. 

“We get to showcase all of the great amenities in Northwest Indiana from our shorelines of Lake Michigan, to our historical downtowns, to our great dining and meeting rooms,” said Uran. 

Uran was pleased that so many people coming into town will have a positive impact on the community. He hopes that as South Shore CVA continues to throw more similar events the community will continue to grow and strengthen.

“They get to spend their dollars here in our backyards, and then we take those dollars and reinvest in our infrastructure and our quality of life here. And chances are, if someone enjoyed themselves here, they may want to come back here to raise a family,” said Uran. 

The South Shore CVA’s NSA Opening Ceremony Celebration was a bright spot for Northwest Indiana. It brought people together, both players and community members, and it allowed people to realize just how great companionship can be. No one will forget it anytime soon. 

“I really want to commend and thank our staff, our board of directors, for having the confidence in the South Shore Convention business to take this on and be a part of this,” said Uran. 

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