#1StudentNWI Teamwork Brings Viking Volleyball Success

By: Sylvia Rotole Last Updated: August 31, 2022

What’s recently happened

The Valparaiso High School (VHS) volleyball teams wasted no time getting back on the court. VHS attended their first game of the season on August 15 at Hobart High School. Both junior varsity (JV) and varsity took the W. VHS hosted their first home game the following day against Washington Township High School where they continued their winning streak. The teams faced victory once again during their third game against Bishop Noll Institute. 

“We are all working hard to make this season great. We work together to reach our full potential and we never give up on ourselves or our teammates,” said varsity senior Amie Schutz. 

On August 25, JV and varsity defeated Michigan City High School to only increase their winning records.

The coaches are working hard to improve player skills and attitudes to help further educate the VHS teams on the volleyball way of life. 

“We all put in the effort and give it our all so we can only get stronger as a team, and as individuals,” said JV sophomore Madison Sykes. 

The season is just getting started, so all the volleyball girls expect to see you at their upcoming games. 

What’s coming up

The VHS annual homecoming dance will be held on September 24 at the school from eight to eleven pm. Tickets will be on sale from September 16 to September 23 and guest passes are due on September 14. No late passes will be accepted.

 The VHS cheerleaders have been hard at work planning the dance since early summer. 

“The theme for homecoming this year is “Come Sail Away”, so it’ll be like being on a fun cruise ship for the night. We’ve been planning since June, but we just started making decorations last week,” said Senior cheerleader Abby Sabella.  

Sabella encourages all seniors to not miss out on their last homecoming because this year’s dance is going to be one for the memory books. 

Staff Spotlight

This month’s staff spotlight is a second-grade teacher and assistant JV volleyball coach, Sydney Bronner. Bronner graduated from Valparaiso University and played volleyball all four years. After college, Bronner began teaching at Northview Elementary while showcasing her volleyball skills to young athletic teenagers. 

“This is my second year helping at the high school, but I have been coaching for 4 years.” 

Bronner is thankful for all the relationships she has formed through working with the VHS volleyball girls. The team is grateful for Bronner's help and appreciates her love for volleyball. 

“The VHS volleyball program is a family. The girls make lasting memories both on and off the court.” 

Bronner works hard to prepare her girls for anything the game throws at them. She wants all her girls to enjoy high school as much as she did.  

Bronner tells the team to “have fun, be kind, work hard, and make good choices”. 

Besides having a love for teaching, Bronner loves to travel as well. She plans to explore many new places in her young adult life. 

“I would love to visit more national parks!”

Teaching at Northview is Bronner’s plan for the next couple of years of her life but when her teaching career comes to an end, she’s already got a plan. 

“I’ve got a long way to go, but I see myself in Florida during the winters and northern Michigan during the summers!”

Bronner’s advice to everyone is to not miss a volleyball game, you won’t regret it. 

Student Spotlight

This month’s student spotlight is sophomore, Adison Foxx. Foxx is an exceptional student, an outstanding time manager, and a proud member of the VHS JV Volleyball team. Foxx’s passion for volleyball has been with her since elementary school. 

“My mom signed me up for the YMCA volleyball team in 5th grade. I ended up loving it and sticking with it since then!”

Foxx is very serious about the time she dedicates to volleyball. 

“I’m not in any other clubs because I don’t end up having enough time after volleyball. I play club volleyball in the winter and school volleyball in the fall.”

Over her volleyball years, Foxx has made many close friends and teammates. She loves the support the girls bring to games and other team bonding-related activities. Having a team that works together is a very important part of the sport. 

“I can’t wait to see how our team grows together this season. We have a great and talented group of girls and I believe that we’re going to go far!”

Even though the school season ends around November, Foxx’s will still be on the court. She works hard all year to refine her volleyball skills. 

“Definitely my club season. I play for KeAloha on the regional team and that’s when I most improve.” 

Overall, the memories Foxx makes with her team are something she never wants to forget.

“It’s taught me a lot. I think that the best part of it was becoming a part of a new family. I’m so grateful to be a part of the volleyball team and share my love for this sport with them.” 

With the little free time she has, Foxx likes to spend it with her best friend. 

‘Going to the movies! My best friend and I go to see at least one movie a month and it’s one of my favorite things to do.”

With one year of high school under her belt, Foxx feels that the last three years won’t be so bad. Learning new things is an everyday experience no matter where you are in life, so might as well make the best of high school while you can. 

“Be yourself. High school is where you find yourself and the people that you’re going to be close with for many years to come. “

Foxx wishes everyone a great start to the school year.