Text Tips to the Valpo Police

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: July 20, 2010

The Valparaiso Police Department is constantly embracing new technology in order to better serve the community. Their newest initiative, Tip411, opens up another method for the public to contact the police with anonymous tips, through texting. This program does not replace the current phone tip line, but rather offers a new option for the community to help the police. “Valparaiso Police Department has historically worked hard to partner with the community,” stated Police Chief Michael Brickner, “This is a valuable tool for us to combat crime in our city.” vpd-tip-411

By texting to number Tip411 (847411), citizens can tip off the police to threatening events that are occurring without revealing their identity. Through the tip411 program, a code is assigned in place of revealing the sender’s phone number. This enables the police officers to have a back-and-forth conversation, to obtain more details about the issue. It is also important to type “Valpo” first in the message in order for the Valparaiso Police to receive the tip, as this is a nationwide program.

Not only is the anonymous factor appealing for some, the Valpo Police are hoping the texting method will reach out to the younger generation, notorious for using texting as their preferred method of communication. “We hope to use [Tip411] a lot in the high school,” stated Sgt. Michael Grennes, “This is the wave of the future.” He encouraged the public to put “847411” into their contact lists on their cell phones to make using this program a bit easier.

The texting tip line is live and available for use. Posters are posted around the city, in the schools, the Boys and Girls Club, and City Hall, to notify and remind the public of this service. If you’d like to put up a poster, contact Sgt. Grennes at (219) 462-2135