On Motivation

By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: August 20, 2011

MotivationMotivation is a topic near and dear to me.

Many people have asked me to help them get motivated. I always refer to them deciding in their “gut” what their POWERFUL WHY is and think about it every day.

Ask the question, “This year I see myself taking exactly the right steps and actions to enable to me….(you fill it in)."

Start by Starting!!! I don’t believe it has to be present pain for future gain either. Just get started.

Get behind yourself and push. It’s time to walk the walk and quit talking the talk. You can’t fool yourself just like you can’t lie to yourself.

It’s not easy to take the easy way out anymore so start now and never look back. As hard as you think it is going to be to do…it’s harder NOT TO. Right? It hurts more NOT TO. You know that is true.

Don’t look to others to motivate you…look to others for support.

Find your motivation within and then, it will be POWERFUL.

Make your decision and GO! Doing decisions are better than talking decisions.

Self Motivation is your key to success. (But I will always be here for you).

Marci-CrozierMarci Crozier was a popular contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser - Season 11. She was the first woman in BL history to reach her goal weight while still at the BL ranch. Marci's expertise in the fitness and weight loss industry was developed during her 28 years as the General Manager of a large, regional fitness facility in Indiana. She is a highly respected, engaging motivational speaker who has inspired sales teams, business professionals, and student athletes, as well as those individuals struggling with personal fitness and weight issues. View her blog here!