10 Things to Know Before Calling AMA Design & Print

By: Anthony Cleveland Last Updated: April 5, 2017

AMA 10You never know when you'll need something printed.  Your work or organization may task you with the project, or perhaps you will discover a personal reason to print something. Whatever the reason, there's a few things you need to know before dropping off that 200x100  .jpg file and expecting it to work on a billboard.

“Whenever we’re approached for a quote, we stand by our original quote. We don’t add on fees at the end. What we tell you is what we’re charging you. The price they see in the beginning will always be the price they see in the end," commented AMA Design & Print owner, Kelley Schott.

AMA is alway eager to assist new clients with their printing needs. A way for future customers to receive a faster, accurate quote is to have these important 10 items ready to present to AMA Design & Print.      

1. Quantity: How many of your items need to be printed? 

2. Color: Is this a black and white or full-color project?

3. Page Count: If this is multipage the printer will need to know the total number of pages including the front and back cover

4. Size: Finished size is the size of the piece completely finished. Most professional printers use larger sheets for best quality and cost effectiveness so finished size is important.

5. Stock: What type of paper you need; thick or thin? Glossy or matte?

6. Bleed or no bleed?  Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe a document which has images or elements that touch the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge and leaving no white margin.  When a document has bleed, it must be printed on a larger sheet of paper and then trimmed down. If you are printing anything that has color all the way to the edge, not only will the printer need to know that but you need to have your files set properly.

7. Any special finishes: Beyond having something just printed, do you need any special finishes? This can include trimming, staples, binding, folding etc. This can affect the final cost and timeline of your piece.

8. File Type: What program are you working with and what file type will you be sending the printer? This is very important for ease of printing, color, and fonts. Some fonts and colors will actually change if the file sent is not set properly. A printer can assist in making sure things go smoothly if they know ahead of time.

9. Deadline: if you have a deadline it is very important to let your printer know that and make certain you are on the same page to when you need the product to be finished.

10. Do you need a proof? A proof is a printed example of the finished piece. This is something a printer will usually provide and can assist if there are any specific color requirements or exact final specifications.

To get started and schedule a quote on your next project, call (219) - 462 - 8683 AMA Design & Print at or stop in to our office at 161 W. Lincolnway in Valparaiso!