1st Source Bank Forges Strong Relationships with Customer-Friendly Services

1st Source Bank Forges Strong Relationships with Customer-Friendly Services

Having a positive experience at any banking center is an important part of the experience. Knowing that the institution is friendly, helpful, and concerned with forming a positive relationship with clients is often a big factor for customers.

1st Source Bank understands the need to create positive interactions with customers. Currently, many of their branches have worked to become more family and kid friendly, incorporating amenities such as tablets and more into kid-friendly areas!

“We work hard to make all of our banking centers welcoming, family friendly, and kid friendly,” said Matt Vessely, Regional President for 1st Source Bank. “Our side-by-side banking centers look, sound, feel, and function differently from a traditional retail bank branch or financial planning firm. Side-by-side banking centers provide customers with an energetic, refreshing atmosphere, and that enables them to interact with our colleagues in an accessible, flexible, and responsive manner.”

While the kids may have a special area full of kid-approved activities, the adults still have much to look forward to. With coffee stations stocked with coffee, tea, and some seasonal items, 1st Source brings a bit of enjoyment to the branch. They also boast a Customer Convenience Center which is equipped with tablets, computers and printers, and fax or copy machines, all available free of charge to 1st Source customers.

“The nature of customer engagement is changing as customer’s expectations and technology evolves,” Vessely said. “Banking centers were historically transaction oriented, and as transactions move to online and mobile we find that our connection with customers in banking centers is becoming more consultative and relationship oriented. Having an atmosphere where clients are comfortable taking time to connect and engage in that type of discussion is important.”

For 1st Source Bank, providing these extra amenities and options isn’t an inconvenience, but a way to create a relationship with their customers. In today’s ever changing world full of technology, reaching out and forming a positive connection with clients is one way 1st Source is able to help them meet their goals.

“We are in business to serve our customers and to help them achieve security, build wealth, and realize their dreams,” Vessely said. “With that as our mission and being true to our values, we see ourselves as more than ‘just a bank’ in all the communities we serve. As such, we are committed to working hard to ensure that our banking centers are customer friendly and community oriented. We strive to create an deliver an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

With plenty of amenities and options, 1st Source Bank is certainly providing an experience that is hard to find elsewhere. With top notch amenities, friendly staff, and knowledgeable people, they’re sure to continue pleasing customers for years to come.

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