#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove Gives Back

#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove Gives Back

Teacher Spotlight:

Boone Grove High School is home to two very inspirational women who serve as so much more than just staff members. The dynamic duo, Jamie Coffin, the school nurse, and Mallory Horvat, one of the guidance counselors, shape the lives of Boone Grove’s student body every day.

Personable? Supportive? Hardworking? Check all of the above! Both Miss Horvat and Mrs. Coffin provide a safe haven for students. Despite their overwhelming schedules, they are always willing to drop what they are doing to talk to students. Comfort lingers in both of their rooms and their doors are always open.

Miss Horvat has spent the entirety of the first month and a half of school working nonstop to ensure the seniors are on the right track to begin applying for colleges. She advocates that her room is a safe place for members of the LGBT community, and she treats all of her students with respect and kindness.

Mrs. Coffin doesn’t just make students feel better when sick, but she is also a wonderful person to confide in. Her office is always filled with students who are just stopping by to talk to her, and she is always willing to listen. She is the sponsor for student council, and she does so much to help the members participate and plan activities. The amount of care the two women hold for the students is evident in everything they do. They make the school a better place, and provide a friendly environment for everyone in the school. Boone Grove is very fortunate to have both of these incredible individuals.

Student Spotlight:

1Student-Boonegrove-October-2017-03Mariana (Mern) Venturella, a sophomore at Boone Grove High School, is a hardworking individual with a heart of gold. Mern balances school and extra curricular activities all while volunteering in order to make a difference in the community. She is an adamant member of student council and constantly strives to achieve her goal of helping as many people as she can. Mern shows up to every meeting with a smile on her face and when anything needs to get done she is the first to volunteer. She serves as a role model to the under classmen who have recently joined the club, and she never fails to make everyone feel welcome.

At the first meeting, Mern was the first one to stand up and express how important student council is to her, and how it never feels like an after school responsibility because the members are like her family. Mern radiates kindness and never lets anyone feel alone.

When asked about the recent hurricane drive Mern said “I’m really passionate about helping people in need, but sometimes it’s hard to find ways I can do that myself. So when Student Council offers opportunities like this I always take advantage of it because we all have so much to offer and we should always work to help others!”

She was the one who advertised the drive by making the posters that are displayed throughout the school as well as making announcements to help spread the word. On top of being an active member of student council, Mern is a volunteer for a pet supply store out of Massachusetts called Good Dog Goods. She manages the social media for the company, and helps run their Facebook and Instagram accounts. She used her platform she has with the company to promote Boone Grove’s hurricane drive and tell the customers how they can aid the animals and shelters that were affected by the hurricanes.

Mern sets an excellent example for other students as she voices her aspirations and uses her willpower to take the school by storm. However, more than anything, she plays a vital role in the student council family. Student council is a safe place for students to grow together and make a difference because of her. Not only that, she makes it enjoyable by interacting with everyone who is involved.

Current Event:

1Student-Boonegrove-October-2017-02At the start of the school year, Boone Grove’s Student Council welcomed many new members into their club. New and old representatives gathered together to begin discussing homecoming, fundraisers, and all the events that would transpire throughout the school year. However, participating in a club that encompasses service and leadership puts a great amount of responsibility on the shoulders of all those who are involved. The Student Council member’s fervor for giving back to the school has led to many beneficial fundraisers and events throughout the years, but many students are beginning to question how much they can really do. In order to embody the ideals of student council, the club has decided to branch out and begin to plan more activities that will benefit the welfare of the community.

After discussing and researching events as well as areas of the country that are in need, the Student Council found the perfect activity to begin their year of giving back: a hurricane drive. The student council is engaging in a Hurricane Drive to aid the victims and pets affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. This past month, hurricanes have torn across the coast of United States leaving thousands without shelter, food, or hope. After suffering through nearly sixty-five inches of rain, Texas communities were submerged as floodwaters rose above buildings. The beaches of Florida appeared to vanish as pieces of boats, homes, and trees covered the sand. Both states were left with excessive amounts of debris and are now struggling to rebuild their towns with limited resources.

1Student-Boonegrove-October-2017-04Horrified by the destruction, the Student Council strove to do anything they could to help those left in the wake of the catastrophic hurricanes. As a result, the Student Council presented the “Goodwill Goods Drive”. Students were asked to donate gently used clothing, toys, blankets, cat and dog food, treats, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Depending on the amount our school donates, Goodwill will send $1000 via the American Red Cross to aid the people who were affected by the hurricane. So far, the student body has brought in a generous amount of goods for both the victims and their pets. The container for the supplies is proudly stationed at the front of the school, and after just one week, the entire bin was towering with donations. The donations have continued to pour in so much so that the been had to be emptied in order to allow more donations.

The Student Council is very happy with the support they are receiving and they can’t wait to see how their hard work will impact the communities that were hit by the hurricanes. This will not be the last activity the Student Council hosts for their year of giving back. The members are very eager to see what else they can accomplish!

What’s Coming Up?

Boone Grove’s Drama Department has recently hired new directors, and the drama club members are very excited to start planning for their first big performance! After multiple successful plays last year, the students are eager to hear the big reveal of the upcoming play. Students are also interested to see how the directors run the club, and if there will be any changes to the department. Drama club had their first meeting last week where they were introduced to the new director and welcomed new members. There were many returning actors and stagehands, as well as freshman ready to get started.

Drama club has grown throughout the years, and everyone has improved greatly. There are multiple seniors who are expected to take on big roles, and spend their last year showcasing their talent. The directors intend to do something special for the seniors to commemorate all of their hard work over the past four years. Students and community members can look forward to seeing plays, musicals, and student directed plays throughout the school year. Rehearsals are going to commence within the next couple of weeks.