#1STUDENTNWI: Boone Grove High School’s year comes to an end

#1STUDENTNWI: Boone Grove High School’s year comes to an end

What’s Recently Happened

Boone Grove High School (BGHS) has been booming with excitement with congratulations for the class of 2022. A little over a week ago, BGHS took their finals and finished up the 2021-2022 school year. This year was more normal than the rest, but there were still some changes and precautions that had to be made. Regardless, everyone was able to have a year full of fun and excitement. 

BGHS seniors pranked the school by putting all of the student desks outside as well as filling the athletic director’s (AD) office with balloons. It was a blast for them and was a great and safe farewell to their years at BGHS.

BGHS spring sports have also recently finished off their seasons. All of them had great seasons and should be proud of what they have accomplished.

The school year came and went in what felt like a blink of an eye, and BGHS had a great graduation for all of the seniors. It all took so much work to put together, but it was great to finally have the ability to have an open-gym setup.

This means that there was not a set number of tickets, but instead whoever wanted to come and support was able to and could come to sit in the gym and celebrate the class of 2022. Even though the past few years have been weird, BGHS seems like they are finally getting back to normal.

What’s Coming Up

Now that it is summer at BGHS, this is the time for the staff and students to relax and enjoy their long break away from work and school. There will be many graduation parties to which the students have invited the staff members. This will be exciting to celebrate the graduates and have their teachers be a part of the few remaining special moments to reflect on high school.

BGHS will always hold a special place in these students’ lives and they will always be able to look back and think about all of the crazy things they experienced and strived through. For the seniors that are all parting ways, BGHS will always be one place which they can go back to and call home.

There will be freshman orientation at the beginning of August, and then after that, there will be registration for all the students leading up to the next school year.  

Staff Spotlight

Clay Corman is the principal of BGHS and does an incredible job. Over the past three years, he has had to overcome immense obstacles and barriers to even keep the school open and running. The most incredible part is that Corman managed to do all of these things and still make school a great environment to be in. 

“Before I was principal, I was an English teacher. When the position opened up to be principal I knew I had to try for it because Boone Grove is my life. I love this school and being a part of the students' everyday lives," Corman said.

Corman is a huge part of what makes BGHS such an amazing place, as he greets every student with a smile every single morning, frequently checks in to make sure all of the students are doing okay, and even comes to many sporting and fine arts events. 

Corman always has his door open to students that need it and is more than willing to ask questions and take suggestions. He is not an ordinary image of a principal because he is very nice and will always help out students and joke around with them, but he also knows how to make sure people are following the rules. 

No one is quite sure how he is able to do all of these amazing things, but somehow he does. Without Corman, BGHS would not be as wonderful of a place as it is. He is one of the best principals out there because he truly cares about students and their ideas.

Student Spotlight

Caden Harretos is the heart of BGHS spirit. He is now going to be a junior at the high school, but even coming in as a freshman he was always involved with everything that is BGHS. Harretos participates in choir, drama, volleyball, and track. However, he is always at other sporting events to cheer on his friends. He is one of the people who actually leads all of the cheers and can make everyone have a good time just because of his mood and energy.

“I just love cheering at the games and having a good time. I think it is so much fun and everyone should do it. It makes the team feel good and you also will have fun, so come to the games," Harretos said.

Harretos is an amazing student and person because he can always bring a smile to anyone and is always willing to help out whenever anyone needs it. He participates in so much and that really encourages other students to go support at games because they know they will have a great time. 

Harretos is one of the best people to be friends with as he is a very truthful, caring, and fun person to be around. This is one of the main reasons he is known around the BGHS community. He is always doing the best that he can for himself and others while maintaining good grades and being involved in so much. Harretos has brought so much to BGHS since his freshman year and is a great asset to the community.